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Safety experts call on the food industry to popularize GMP epoxy floor

safety experts call on the food industry to popularize GMP epoxy floor

December 5, 2005

since this year, domestic food safety incidents have occurred frequently. A number of experts recently said at the 2005 annual meeting on food safety and quality that food enterprises should take quality and safety as their core competitiveness by establishing and improving internal food safety assurance, testing The supervision system minimizes food safety risks. In terms of the food safety assurance system, which plays an important role in the effective use of materials, the improvement of processes, the improvement of product quality, the reduction of cost, and the assurance of product safety and reliability, experts particularly call on the food industry to popularize GMP epoxy flooring

for the food industry, with the continuous emergence of foodborne diseases and the continuous threat to the public's life and health, how to strengthen the construction of the internal food quality and safety system of enterprises has attracted increasing attention. In this regard, Amway (China) factory has adopted high standards since the beginning of plant construction. According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, 1. The main motor source of the experimental machine is not bright. All floors and walls 15 cm high from the floor of the plant are paved with 6mm thick epoxy coating to curb the growth of bacteria, which can realize the production of health food and cosmetics under the conditions of GMP (China's pharmaceutical production quality management, some industrial biotechnology company regulations)

"for enterprises, the price is not as good as the print quality of experimental data". Experts pointed out that quality is the basis for enterprises to establish and develop brands, especially in the food industry. Quality and safety is an important factor affecting consumers' purchase tendency. Most consumers are willing to pay higher prices to buy products they trust. Therefore, compared with the price war that some enterprises are keen on, stable and excellent quality can really win customers, and enterprises can not only profit from sales, but also leave their rivals behind with this core competitiveness. From this point of view, epoxy coating can help food industry enhance competitiveness

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