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Safe office, ZTE helps operators explore tob's new blue ocean

the 2021 MWC Shanghai exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled. At this exhibition, ZTE took the digital economy of building roads and injecting 5g into the industry as the theme of the exhibition. It exhibited a new secure office solution based on 5g and cloud computing technology, helped operators build cloud ++ application one-stop collaborative office services, explored the new blue ocean of Tob, and received extensive attention from visiting customers

1. Office cloud, 5g innovative business layout of operators

under the wave of new infrastructure, with the landing of 5g business, the implementation of comprehensive integration of network + terminal + platform + application has become the key to 5g innovative business layout of operators. ZTE secure office solution is a new operation level solution built in the cloud ecosystem, which can be packaged into multi file packages with operators' cloud dedicated lines and 5g packages, providing one-stop collaborative office services from cloud platforms, cloud terminals, to office applications, and integrating enterprise mailbox, instant messaging, team collaboration, document cloud disk, video conference and other intelligent office SaaS services through cloud computers to increase the business stickiness of operators, Help operators expand high-value government and enterprise customers and achieve sustainable profit growth. For users, cloud computer is not only a simple computer, but also a carrier of cloud communication, cloud collaboration, cloud services, cloud sharing and cloud management, which can realize the dual improvement of work efficiency and management efficiency

2. On the cloud, enterprise security risks have been significantly reduced

according to the statistics of third-party institutions, affected by the epidemic, there were more than 18 million enterprises and 300 million + users in China in 2020. 6. The relationship between file amplification and range classification is under office, and cloud office has become a new normal state when there is too much oxide skin. ZTE's secure office solution adopts the cloud computer architecture without data landing, and formulates a set of security strategies from the cloud management end at multiple levels. Multidimensional can automatically control the experimental progress and improve the security of the office system. The cloud side ensures the security and continuity of business through data encryption and disaster recovery backup; The safety switch is used at the pipeline side to ensure the safe access of the office system; The terminal side protects the office security in an all-round way through port fine control, digital watermarking, behavior audit and other measures

in the battle against the epidemic in 2020, ZTE benefited from the self-developed safe office scheme. On the first day of returning to work on February 3 after the Spring Festival, it realized the remote office of all staff, supporting 10000 audio and video conferences, 100000 documents, 500000 emails and 5million messages in a single day. 30000 + R & D personnel rely on cloud computer security office system for home remote R & D, which can maintain about 95% of the R & D efficiency before the epidemic, and effectively ensure the normal development of the company's business and the real-time cooperation of global employees

3. W100 pocket cloud computer, small size and high energy

opens a new channel for secure office

as a new channel for secure office, the appearance of smart W100 (hereinafter referred to as W100) pocket cloud computer has attracted much attention. According to its small, exquisite and simple appearance, it creates a minimalist Office space for users. The W100 shell is made of metal matte material, the weight of the body is no more than 100g, and it is only the size of a business card, which makes it ultra portable. Connect the mouse and keyboard, display devices, and access the network to access the exclusive office desktop on the cloud, which is well adapted to the current needs of mobile office. At the level of encoding and decoding and transmission protocol, ultra-low Bandwidth Coding adaptive technology is adopted, which can normally process documents even under extreme conditions such as 120KB bandwidth, 250ms network delay, 10% packet loss rate, etc. Moreover, with the integration of desktop virtualization, GPU virtualization, distributed rendering and other technologies, the small W100 can carry the computing power of the graphics workstation, the graphics design software is fully covered, the computing power resources are scheduled on demand, and the small size and large energy

ZTE has provided safe office solutions for 300000 + users around the world, and has perfect industry deployment experience and high availability. Xingwen Zhiyuan, ZTE, with its customer-centric service concept, also plans to carry out a crowdfunding activity in June this year and its strong integrated R & D strength. It is committed to becoming a leader in the field of safe office solutions and working with operators to bring safe office innovation experience to more enterprises

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