The hottest safety requirements for on-site operat

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Safety requirements for on-site operators

1. All engineering personnel participating in the mobilization must wear safety protective equipment, abide by the safety production rules and regulations of the company and the project department, and the on-site safety rules

2. Operators are not allowed to throw any materials down the building

3. All types of work must strictly abide by the safety operation procedures of this type of work, and special operators must work with certificates

4. Where there is a dangerous operation environment on the site, the operators should report to the project department in time and operate after rectification

5. Without approval, no JIS person is allowed to tamper with mechanical and electrical equipment and connect power lines randomly. It is strictly prohibited to dismantle protective facilities without approval

6. The labor service personnel who pass the exhibition must pass the three-level safety education examination, apply for two insurances, and their technology is monopolized by two companies in the United States and Japan (industrial injury insurance, medical insurance) and can work only after safety technology disclosure

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