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As a renewable resource, wood has been an important material affecting the national economy since ancient times. However, as a single material, there are obvious defects such as absolute strong spray free technology, low cost, poor rigidity, easy corrosion, easy combustion, easy cracking and so on. Its application is limited. At the same time, there are a lot of unusable sawdust in the process of wood processing. Wood plastic composite is a new kind of material, which is mainly composed of wood fiber or plant fiber and is compounded with thermoplastic resin or other composite materials after pretreatment. This material takes into account the dual characteristics of plant fiber and plastic, durable, long life, higher hardness than plastic, better stability than wood, and has good processability of thermoplastic, which is easy to form

another outstanding advantage of wood plastic materials is that the materials can be reused or recycled, and have biodegradability at the same time. Wood flour used in wood plastic materials includes bamboo flour, wood flour, rice hull powder, peanut hull powder, etc. these materials are rich in resources, cheap and easy to obtain. Wood plastic material is considered as a kind of green environmental protection material with great development prospects because of its degradability and reproducibility of plant fibers

however, the limiting oxygen index (LOI) of ordinary wood plastic materials is low, about 18. It is a flammable material. In some places with high temperature or flammability, it still has a major safety hazard that the utilization ratio of degradable green packaging materials will reach 50% in 2020. With the popularization of the concept of safety plastics, the processing and use safety of wood plastic materials has become a trend

in the modified plastic industry, Shanghai rizheng, which is famous for its safety plastics, introduced flame-retardant wood plastic PP materials with high limiting oxygen index after introducing modified materials such as PP, PA and pet with flame-retardant high burning wire to prevent safety. After more than ten years of chemical modification technology, rizheng company can well solve the compatibility between hydrophilic polar fibers and non-polar polypropylene resin, And the dispersion and precipitation resistance of the flame retardant in the composite, and the limiting oxygen index of the material reaches more than 36. At the same time, it also has excellent anti Weston? Compared with polyethylene resin containing traditional solid antioxidant, 705 has mold resistance, wear resistance and antibacterial property, which makes it have more applications in washing machines, air conditioners and other fields outside the traditional outdoor building materials, public facilities, indoor decoration and other fields

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