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Safety cannot rely on automation

safety production cannot completely rely on the automation of production facilities. The key to safety production lies in people. Only when the employees do their due diligence can production be truly safe

with the progress of science and technology, now many enterprises have installed surveillance cameras in production sites, and production equipment has also been equipped with automatic control and data transmission systems, realizing production automation. In some petroleum and chemical enterprises, some employees think that with these automatic monitoring equipment, they can rest easy, so they relax their vigilance when taking up their posts

as everyone knows, automation is not omnipotent. For example, the monitoring surface of the surveillance camera has a certain range, there are some places and spaces that cannot be monitored, and the equipment may have problems at any time without being detected. In addition, the automatic production data transmission system and control system may also produce errors. Not long ago, there was a problem with the automatic display system of a tank inlet valve in an oil field oil station. The valve displayed on the desktop display developed bonded aviation logistics; Exploring the establishment of a general aviation industry comprehensive experimental area in Hainan, the door was open, but it was actually closed. Thanks to the manual patrol inspection carried out by the staff on duty at the station on time, this error was discovered at the first time and the transmission system of the valve was repaired in time, so an accident was avoided. This shows that if employees rely too much on automatic monitoring, it will bring great hidden dangers to the safety production of enterprises

production automation has indeed improved the level of production safety and attention to operation safety, but the safe operation of enterprises cannot be achieved only by automatic monitoring and control facilities. It can only be used as a means of safety management. To ensure the long-term safety of the enterprise, we must consolidate the safety foundation, give full play to people's subjective initiative, let every employee have a strong awareness, and form a good atmosphere in which everyone is the use of anchor fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment. 5. Everyone should pay attention to safety. On the basis of relying on automation, it is still necessary to strengthen manual inspection, so that automatic monitoring and manual monitoring form an organic security system of three-dimensional monitoring

in special periods such as holidays and nights, post personnel should stick to their posts, strengthen patrol inspection, never leave their posts, sleep on their posts and work after drinking, and do nothing irrelevant to their post work. At the same time, emergency plan drills should be carried out regularly to improve the safety and emergency prevention level of employees, enhance the safety and prevention awareness of employees, strengthen the fine maintenance of automation equipment, and carry out scientific and technological transformation against the defects of some automation systems, so as to continuously improve the safe operation efficiency

in a word, safety production cannot completely depend on the automation of production facilities, and the key to safety production lies in people. Only when the employees do their due diligence can production be truly safe

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