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Safety guarantee until the top of the fan blade

in order to prevent damage to important equipment parts in case of sudden power failure, a decentralized power supply is used. For example, dc-usv power supply mode is used in wind power generation equipment to ensure that all parts of wind power generation equipment can still work normally in case of sudden power failure

the explosive rise in energy prices, CO2 emissions, greenhouse gases...... These contents are indispensable in the daily ecological and renewable energy reports. People have fully realized that every effort should be made to save energy and reasonably improve the future energy use. In order to ensure a better living environment in the future world, using renewable energy to meet the demand of energy growth is a very beneficial solution. In Germany, wind power generation accounts for about 74% of the regional power generation capacity. In the past ten years, the wind power industry in these areas has developed rapidly, and the investment in improving the efficiency of wind power has maintained a high level. People have also made a lot of efforts to ensure the safety of wind power generation equipment

now, more and more LED (light emitting diode) indicators are used to indicate fault alarm. Compared with the traditional xenon indicator light, this led warning light has many advantages. For example, with the same luminous intensity, it consumes less power, is more durable, and has a longer service life

indicator light used at the top of fan blade

high voltage lamp manufacturer in spraewald District of Burg city is a professional manufacturer of alarm lamps, which can provide complete sets of alarm lamp products. This innovative enterprise has developed and produced an LED alarm indicator that can be used at the top of the fan blade. This is a very small alarm indicator that also consumes very little power. In addition, its light interference to nearby residents has also been reduced to a minimum. In most countries and regions, these faces are parasitic on the drawing paper. The medium power alarm indicator of aol303 series, which has applied for patent protection, is often used. This fault alarm lamp is installed on the tower cabin of wind power generation equipment, and its control system is located in the electrical control cabinet in the tower cabin

in order to ensure the continuous power supply for the fault alarm lamp in the case of failure, such as the reduction of working voltage by giving full play to their respective advantages, the dc-usv power supply control module of Sitop series produced by Siemens is installed in the electrical cabinet. It can ensure that the alarm lamp can still work continuously for several hours in case of power failure, and provide 24V working voltage for it. Through the internal integrated alarm contact, the fault information can be sent to the upper master control system

the power supply control module ensures continuous power supply

dc-usv module has a variety of protection and monitoring functions, ensuring that the wind power generation equipment can work safely and reliably. For example, the working performance test with a time interval of 20s. If there is an open circuit in the battery circuit, an alarm will be sent immediately; At the same time, a light alarm signal is sent through the LED alarm indicator. Through the alarm contact and led, it can send a signal when the battery charge is greater than 85%. This signal is of great significance to the safety of important wind power generation equipment components, that is, those important components that must not be powered off and powered off during the startup process. In case of power failure, dc-usv module ensures the continuous and reliable transition to battery power supply. The microprocessor controlled battery management system ensures that the battery always has the best charging condition. The fast charging speed and gentle trickle charging ensure the extremely high availability of the battery

another very special function is to monitor the aging condition of the battery. The aging condition of battery is related to many factors, such as the number of cycles of charge and discharge, ambient temperature or other different reasons. Therefore, the battery control system will automatically detect the aging of the battery at a certain time interval. If there is a problem in this test, the system will also alarm the user, so that the user can replace the defective parts in time

"this comprehensive monitoring in many aspects and the reliability of these functions ensure the continuous power supply for the fault alarm prompt equipment in case of power failure risk, thus effectively avoiding the failure of the wind power generation equipment caused by insufficient starting power that we can't afford." Said Mr. berndballask, head of the high voltage lighting technology department. With the help of the compact structure and volume of this module, as well as the simple, fast and din compliant card slot installation method, this module can occupy a small part of the space in the narrow electrical control cabinet

the working voltage of this module is obtained from the primary contact of sitop-smart series. This instrument can ensure the stable supply of 24V voltage required for LED operation under the condition of large fluctuations in electrical power supply. This is an important foundation to ensure the long service life of the LED front-end power supply equipment, and also to ensure that the whole LED system can work reliably in the fault alarm indicator system for a long time. In this way, the working performance of the whole fault alarm system is guaranteed. In the decentralized configuration, especially in the electrical system with unstable working voltage, the working reliability of Sitop series dc-usv module has been tested for many times

after a small investment, the safety of wind power generation equipment can be guaranteed. This is a small progress, but it is a very important progress, which has promoted the progress of economic wind power technology

Siemens dc-usv series products

in addition to dc-usv module, the thickness of west 2 test piece should be measured after cooling; This series of products produced by Menzi also have products with rated current of 15a and 40A. Optional configurations include USB interface; In 6a and 15A modules, serial ports can also be selected. Its built-in software tools can realize the evaluation of status data. The matching battery can choose 1.2 adhesion index - measuring the adhesion between enamel and ceramic products and metal sheets ~ 12Ah varieties and specifications, including maintenance free high-temperature battery (working temperature to 60 ℃)

the new product planned to be produced is sitopups500 maintenance free battery with capacitor. Because the large capacity, odorless electric double-layer capacitor also has a long service life under high temperature, thus ensuring reliable power supply. Dc-usv modules with a rated current of 15A are either installed in the electrical cabinet or have a safety protection level of IP65

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