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Safety production technology simulation exercise questions and reference answers

1. This exam is composed of two parts:

the first part is a required answer, a single choice question, a total of 60 questions (1 point for each question), multiple-choice questions, a total of 10 questions (2 points for each question), with a full score of 80 points

the second part is the optional answer, which is divided into nine majors. Each major has 20 single choice questions (1 point for each question), with a full score of 20 points. Candidates only do the parts related to their majors

II. The test papers are all subjective scoring questions, and the answers are painted on the answer sheet with 2B pencil, otherwise it is invalid

III. the whole time of this examination is 150 minutes. As soon as the end time comes, the candidates will stop writing and wait for the invigilator to collect the test papers and answer cards. After all the examinations are completed, the invigilator must collect all the test papers and answer cards correctly and announce the end of this examination before leaving the examination room

I. required questions

(I) single choice questions (1 point for each question, a total of 60 questions)

1 In all links of the life cycle of mechanical products, the most important factor to determine the safety of mechanical products is _u__

a. design B. manufacture C. use D. maintenance

2 The modern combustion theory that explains the essence of combustion is ____

a. molecular collision theory B. combustion element theory C. activation energy theory D. chain reaction theory

3 The combustion of most solids is _____, For some solids, gas phase combustion and solid phase combustion occur at the same time

a1. Use skills of bellows ring stiffness testing machine Solid phase B. liquid phase C. gas phase D. three phase mixing

4 Special type of work is a general term for the post categories of personnel engaged in special operations. Electricians, welders and other personnel belonging to special types of work must be trained, qualified, approved and issued certificates by national authorized institutions before they can take up their posts with certificates

a. crane driver B. lathe worker C. textile worker D. operator

5 In public places or workplaces where people gather, doors and windows of buildings should be used

a. push-pull type B. inward opening type C. outward opening type D. any way

6 Calcium carbide and lime are

a. inflammables B. inflammables when wet C. oxidants D. drugs

7 Hazardous chemicals warehouse, hydrogen and oxygen station, nitrogen and oxygen station and oil depot shall be far away from the fire source and arranged at the edge of the plant and

a. downwind side of maximum frequency wind direction

b. upwind side of maximum frequency wind direction

c. downwind side of minimum frequency wind direction

d. upwind side of minimum frequency wind direction

8 The emergency switch (also known as emergency stop switch) on the machine is frequently used as a stop switch for general operation, which is

a. yes, B. No, C. It doesn't matter. D. Don't care

9 Strengthen the interaction with the market and users. The machine is often equipped with an openable movable door for maintenance on the protective device, so that the machine cannot be started without the movable door being closed; When the machine is running, the machine stops running as soon as the movable door is opened. This function is called

a. safety interlock B. safety shield C. safety barrier D. sealing protection

10 For the transportation of dangerous goods for business, the transport documents and bills uniformly stipulated by the Ministry of communications must be used, and the "special seal" must be added

a. maintenance of dangerous goods transportation vehicles B. dangerous goods

c. dangerous goods operation license D. road transportation operation license

11 From the perspective of preventing electric shock, insulation, screen protection and spacing are______ Safety measures

a. electromagnetic field injury B. indirect contact shock

c. electrostatic shock D. direct contact shock

12 Effective comprehensive measures and monitoring devices such as sealing, absorption and purification should be taken to prevent the leakage, diffusion and overflow of dust and poison in the process, operation and construction process that cause great harm to dust and poison

a. high pressure B. medium pressure C. zero pressure D. negative pressure

13 Which of the following is the essence of the ignition source that causes a fire

a. combustion supporting B. providing initial energy C. intensifying reaction D. prolonging combustion time

14 The minimum distance between each part of the crane working near the transmission line, especially the high-voltage line, and the transmission line should be greater than when the voltage of the transmission line is above 1kV

A.1m B.1.5 m C.2 m D.3 m

15. People living and working in high-rise buildings can reach the target floor quickly and conveniently by using passenger elevators. In case of earthquake or fire, use passenger elevator to escape

a. priority should be given to B. absolute prohibition

c. one of the options is d. yes, but it is better not to

16 The truck crane can drive on the road and carry out lifting operations. It has both functions of car and crane. The driver of the truck crane can carry out various operations of the truck crane independently

a. car driver's license

b. crane driver's license

c. car driver's license and crane driver's license

d. certification materials after car driving and crane training

17 Safety belt is the personal protective equipment for preventing falling casualties of mechanical personnel working at heights. The method of correct use of safety belt and complete software functions is

a. low hanging and high use B. high hanging and low use

c. horizontal hanging D. the hook is firm and the hanging position is not limited

18 Use safety information safety protection devices at dangerous points where safety protection devices are required

a. it can replace the setting B. It is not necessary to set

c. it cannot replace the setting D. It can be set or not set

19 Installation of lightning rod, lightning wire, lightning protection and lightning strip are all protection______ Main measures

a. lightning intrusion wave B. direct lightning strike C. counterattack D. secondary discharge

20 Combustible solids according to______ Classification

a. spontaneous combustion point B. ignition point C. flash point D. lower explosion limit

21 Flammable liquids should be contained in__

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