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Safety colors and safety signs

1 Introduction

in order to remind people to pay attention to unsafe factors and prevent accidents, it is necessary to hang various signs with different colors and graphics on live equipment to attract people's attention

2. Safety color

safety color represents different safety information through different colors, so that people can quickly and accurately distinguish different environments and prevent accidents

safety colors are defined as five colors: red, blue, yellow, green and black. See Table 1 for their meanings and uses


Table 1 significance and use of safety colors

in order to improve the discrimination of safety colors, contrast colors are generally used on safety color codes. For example, white is used as the contrast color for red, blue and green, and black and white are used as the contrast color for each other. The Yellow vibration test began about 4 or 510 years ago. Black is used as the contrast color for budding color, which can also strengthen the meaning of red and white, blue and white, yellow and black stripes

when using safety signs, non-ferrous metal light sources shall not be used for lighting, and the illumination shall not be lower than the specified value of the design, and dazzling shall be prevented

in order to facilitate identification and prevent misoperation, the bus is painted in the transformation and distribution system to distinguish the phase. Generally, it is stipulated that yellow is u (a) phase, black is V (b) phase, and red is w (c) phase. The exposed grounding wire is painted black. The operating handle of the grounding switch is painted with black and white to attract people's attention

at the closing position of the switch or knife switch, there should be the word "close" with white characters on a red background; At the opening position, there should be the word "opening" with white characters on a green background

3. Safety signs

safety signs are composed of safety colors, geometric figures and graphical symbols, which are used to express specific safety information. Safety signs can be used together with supplementary signs of text instructions

3.1 classification of safety signs

3.1.1 prohibition signs the meaning of prohibition signs is to prohibit or stop people's certain behavior

the geometric figure of the prohibition sign is a circle with slashes. The circle is connected with slashes with red, the background is white, and the graphic symbols are painted in black

there are 28 prohibition signs stipulated in China, namely, no inflammables, no smoking, no passing, no riding, no climbing, no turning during repair, no refueling during operation, etc

3.1.2 warning signs the meaning of warning signs is to warn people of possible dangers

the geometric figure of the warning sign is a black equilateral equilateral triangle, the background is yellow, and the middle graphic symbol is black

there are 30 warning signs stipulated in China, namely, pay attention to safety, beware of electric shock, beware of explosion, beware of fire, beware of corrosion, beware of poisoning, beware of mechanical injury, beware of hands, beware of lifting objects, beware of feet, beware of falling objects, beware of vehicles, beware of arc light, beware of roof fall, beware of gas, beware of collapse, beware of potholes, beware of ionizing radiation, beware of fissile materials, beware of laser, beware of microwave Beware of slipping, etc

"triangle black lightning" warning signs are set up to prevent electric shock and quickly identify where electrical components are installed. Triangle black lightning warning signs should be pasted on the following parts:

(1) electrical cabinets and niche doors or cover plates. For example, front and rear double door electrical cabinets, signs should be pasted on the front and rear doors

(2) the cover on the junction box should be marked, and the cover of the threading box should not be marked

(3) in the electric cabinet, after the door is opened, there are still electrical appliances with an AC voltage of more than 50V, and the insulation baffle should be marked with

(4) there should be marks on the shell of electrical appliances that cannot be identified from the appearance. It can be seen at a glance from the appearance that

comes from the electrical shell, such as buttons, control panels, etc., which do not need to be labeled

3.1.3 command flag the meaning of command flag must be observed

according to the market forecast, the geometry of the command sign is circular, the background is blue, and the graphic symbol and text are white

there are 15 command signs in total, namely, safety helmet, protective shoes, safety belt, protective glasses, gas mask, ear protector, protective gloves, protective clothing for Langsheng to build a new high-performance material production plant, etc

3.1.4 prompt sign the meaning of prompt sign is to indicate the direction of the target

the geometric figure of the prompt sign is square, the background is red and green, and the graphic symbols and words are white

there are 13 prompt signs in total, and 6 general prompt signs with green background: safety passage, emergency exit, etc. There are 7 warning signs for fire-fighting equipment with red background: fire alarm bell, fire alarm, underground fire hydrant, aboveground fire hydrant, fire hose, fire extinguisher, fire pump combiner, etc

3.1.5 supplementary signs supplementary signs are supplementary descriptions of the above four signs to prevent misunderstanding

supplementary signs are divided into horizontal and vertical. Horizontal signs are rectangular and written below the signs, which can be connected with the signs or separated; It is written vertically on the upper part of the sign post

color of supplementary signs: black characters on white background are used for vertical writing; Horizontal prohibition signs are written in white on a red background, warning signs in black on a white background, and instruction signs in white on a blue background

3.2 size of safety signs

the size of safety signs can be estimated according to the following formula:


s ≥--


where s - area of geometric figure of safety signs (M2)

l - Maximum observation distance (m)

the maximum circular diameter of the safety sign shall not exceed 400mm, the maximum side length of the triangle shall not exceed 650mm, and the maximum side length of the rectangle shall not exceed 285mm. The side width of the ring and the width of the slash shall be 8% of the outer diameter of the ring, that is, 0.08d, and the slash and the horizontal line shall be 45 °

3.3 work safety signs (work safety warning signs)

the pattern and place of signs to be hung during electrical operation

3.3.1 signboard style (see Table 2)


Table 2 signboard style

3.3.2 use of signboard

(1) "no switching on, someone works" and "no switching on, someone works on the line" signboards have two cases respectively, the larger signboard is hung on the isolating switch operation handle, and the smaller signboard is hung on the electric operation handle

(2) if someone is working on the line, the signboard of "no switching on, line is working" must be hung on the operating handle of the road switch and knife switch. The hanging and removal of signboards shall be carried out according to the order of the dispatcher

(3) when working on indoor high-voltage equipment, hang "stop, high-voltage danger" on the barriers at the intervals on both sides and opposite sides of the working place and on the forbidden aisle Signboard

(4) when working on outdoor ground high-voltage equipment, make a fence with ropes around the working place, and hang an appropriate number of "stop, high voltage danger" on the fence Sign board, and the sign board should face inside the turnstile

(5) it is strictly forbidden for workers to move or remove the barrier during work

3.4 other provisions of safety signs

3.4.1 safety signs should have their own background color, using the contrast color corresponding to the safety signs. The minimum side width of the substrate is 2mm and the maximum is 10mm

3.4.2 in places with electric shock danger, the signboard should be made of insulating materials

3.4.3 the stripe color of the sign post should be consistent with the safety record

3.4.4 safety signs should be placed in eye-catching and safety related places, and people should have enough time to pay attention to their contents after seeing them. Safety signs should not be set on movable objects such as doors, windows and frames to prevent the signs from being invisible after these objects move

3.4.5 the safety signs shall be made of solid and durable materials, such as metal plate, plastic plate, wood board, etc., without burrs and holes, and can also be directly painted on the wall or machines and tools

3.4.6 the safety signboard should be checked at least once a year. If it is found that there is deformation, damage, or the graphic symbols fall off and change color, it should be repaired or replaced in time

3.4.7 when the electrical cabinet, niche and any place containing electrical components cannot be identified from the outside of the cabinet, niche and other places, the door or cover plate must be equipped with triangle signs with black edges, yellow background and black lightning symbols

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