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Safety and sterility: medical packaging face-to-face commitment

according to relevant statistics, the demand for sterile medical packaging in the United States will reach $2.1 billion in 2008. The stable growth of safe and sterile pharmaceutical and medical device packaging has been expected by the public

however, the coexisting situation is that pharmaceutical enterprises have always focused on the production and processing process of drug quality, and have not paid enough attention to the packaging link. It is common to see cases that the safety of drugs is affected by inappropriate packaging materials. In addition, the high requirements for asepsis in disposable medical device packaging also prompted medical packaging to make such a commitment: safety and sterility are the "second life" of the industry

for drugs, safety is the top priority. Of course, the safety here not only refers to the drug itself, but also the packaging of drugs is a key link. So, how to choose suitable packaging materials to control the quality of drug packaging? I hope the end-user experience of this article can give you some inspiration

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"safety is the basis of drug packaging"

packaging materials, especially those that directly contact drugs, play a decisive role in ensuring the stability of drugs, so the applicability of materials will directly affect the safety of drugs. Unsuitable materials can cause the migration, absorption and adsorption of active drug components, resulting in drug failure, and sometimes produce serious side effects. 1. Add clean 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil into the oil tank at the filler to the liquid level shown in Figure 2. Therefore, before selecting the container material for any drug, it must be tested to confirm that it is suitable for the intended use. Its impact on the stability of the drug must be fully evaluated, and the protective effect of packaging on the drug under different environmental conditions must be evaluated

Jia Zhenfei of Beijing Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"aseptic drug packaging will be the overall development trend"

Jia Zhenfei of Beijing Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said that in order to ensure the safety of products, the company has made full efforts in the "asepsis" of drug packaging. Jia Zhenfei introduced that aseptic packaging multi-purpose composite materials are packed through different forms of extrusion and composite molding, which can better maintain the drug content and extend the shelf life

"it is impossible to be absolutely sterile in the production and packaging of any dosage form. The use of antibacterial polymer packaging materials for drug packaging can inhibit bacterial pollution, extend the shelf life of drugs and ensure the safety of drugs. I personally believe that sterility will become the direction of flexible packaging of drugs." Jia Zhenfei believes

Mr. Feng of Hangzhou Huqingyutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"packaging material suppliers should update their concepts according to market changes"

when talking about the safety of drug packaging, Mr. Feng said that as a drug manufacturer, the compatibility between packaging materials and drugs will be considered when selecting drug packaging, as well as the impact of packaging materials on the stability of drugs during the storage period of drugs. Drug packaging suppliers should know more about the medical market and update their concepts

compared with foreign countries, China's drug packaging materials are indeed still in a relatively preliminary stage in terms of safety. Lack of accuracy of drug dosage; The packaging of drugs is relatively rough, especially the packaging of drugs, hemp and spirit recruitment is lack of safety

Yu Keping of Shanghai Jiaotong University onlee Co., Ltd.

"small measurement packaging will be a great guarantee for the safety of medical packaging"

Yu Keping, who has been engaged in drug packaging design for many years, believes that the current minimum packaging of drugs is too large to meet the needs of clinical use. Before use in the hospital, the inner packaging must be opened to divide the drugs into zero. These steps greatly reduce the overall safety of drugs

Yu Keping said that the small metering packaging that requires drug packaging to have accurate metering function will be a great guarantee for the safety of medical packaging. This includes the use of packaging materials with metering functions (such as small metering hoses in hoses) and disposable dosage packaging

the packaging of drugs is of great importance in protecting the safety of drugs. Pharmaceutical enterprises should choose different packaging materials according to the quality characteristics of drugs. First of all, we should consider the effectiveness and stability (physical, chemical, microbial), airtightness, and no pollution. In addition, it should have certain strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, light avoidance, convenient disinfection and other functions. In particular, when selecting liquid and powder drugs, we should consider the composition of packaging materials and the income of 592 new material enterprises above the regulations in Hubei Province is 256billion yuan. Throughout history, some of the selected raw and auxiliary materials and production processes may be dissolved by the drugs they come into contact with, or interact with drugs, or directly affect the safe use of drugs due to long-term immersion and corrosion of drugs. Moreover, some packaging materials have hidden dangers on drug quality and human health. The variety of drugs and the complexity of effective active genes also put forward higher requirements for packaging materials. Therefore, all drug manufacturers should conduct stability tests at all stages of drug preparation development, and comprehensively investigate the factors related to packaging

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