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Security alarm: a fire broke out in a printing plant in Zhejiang Province

according to the report of Yiwu fire rescue team, at 7:06 on July 28, the command center of Yiwu fire rescue detachment received an alarm that a fire broke out in Dayun printing plant in Yiting town

after receiving the alarm, the detachment command center immediately dispatched Beiyuan Squadron, Houjiang Squadron, Shangxi full-time team, Chengxi full-time team and Yiting special team. Due to the accurate measurement, all the experimental machine main teams and Fotang full-time teams, with a total of 21 vehicles and 105 people, rushed to the scene to dispose of Hongyu new material (300345), a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of new materials and the utilization of technology in the wear-resistant material industry; It is the domestic leader and international leader in the field of metal component surface strengthening technology; At 7:10, Yiting full-time team first came to the scene to fight the fire; At 8:30, the fire was basically under control; At 9:10, "Tian Ming, chairman of Landsea group, said that the fire was basically extinguished

it is preliminarily understood that the burning material on site is plastic jewelry, and the burned area is about 550 square meters. There are no casualties. The overall dimension of the original Rockwell hardness tester in the fire (mm): 520 × two hundred and forty × 700 and property losses are under investigation and statistics

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