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Accurately meet the financing needs in the field of epidemic prevention, Beijing rural commercial bank lent 5billion to support the State Electricity

electricity is the lifeline of economic and social development, and plays a decisive role in winning the war of prevention and control of the epidemic and ensuring people's livelihood. Recently, the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank opened a fast track in accordance with the principle of handling special affairs and urgent affairs, and provided 5 billion yuan of credit funds for State Grid Corporation of China to purchase electricity from upstream enterprises, effectively supporting enterprises in key areas of people's livelihood and providing protection for people's daily life

since the outbreak of covid-19, the Rural Commercial Bank of Beijing has always been concerned about the country and the people's livelihood, resolutely shouldering the major politics of winning the war of prevention and control of the epidemic, and taking financial support for epidemic prevention and control as the top priority of its current work. The bank urgently issued the "special credit policy of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank for financial support and epidemic prevention and control", formulated five categories and ten measures, mobilized more than 1600 employees in the bank's credit line, comprehensively completed the docking of precise financial services, and launched a rapid approval process, flexibly adopted the fastest and best approval process, such as batch application, off-site centralized approval, and independent signature and approval of the authorized person, independently guaranteed the credit scale of epidemic prevention funds, and took multiple measures, Fully support the epidemic prevention and control work

give priority to ensuring the financing needs in the field of epidemic prevention and control

we should also follow the new development trend, accurately implement policies, quickly establish a green approval working mechanism, and increase credit support for epidemic prevention and control related fields such as health and epidemic prevention, scientific research, and so on. For customers involved in epidemic prevention, we should develop special financial service plans, simplify business processing procedures, accelerate the speed of business approval and lending, and give priority to ensuring the scale of credit Implement preferential interest rates, optimize the way of interest settlement and other measures to actively meet the reasonable financing needs of enterprises. When the bank learned that Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., which provides anti-seepage and other engineering materials and construction work for Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, had an urgent credit demand, it immediately allocated internal resources, expedited the approval of 50million yuan working capital loan business, and supported enterprises to fight against the epidemic

increase financial support in the field of people's livelihood

with its rich experience in agriculture related services and perfect system of agricultural service products, the bank gives priority to meeting the financing needs of enterprises in the field of food safety in the capital, such as food production, food processing, agricultural product supply, transportation and sales, so as to ensure the stability of the food basket in the capital, and has an in-depth understanding of the financing needs of agricultural enterprises and farmers in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and studies financial service plans, Provide financing support for agricultural enterprises and farmers to help enterprises resume normal operation and production. At the same time, we will strengthen credit business support in key areas of people's livelihood to provide financial guarantee for the smooth operation of the capital's economic, social and people's livelihood

the special affairs office and the trapped customers overcome the difficulties together

for the industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic, the system uses computers to set experimental projects and parameters, does not withdraw loans, cut off loans, suppress loans, and reduce the turnover cost of enterprise loans. If the loans are overdue during the epidemic, they will not be counted as default, and will not be included in the list of defaulting customers. They should adopt one household one policy, and flexibly adjust the repayment arrangement, loan extension, term change, reduction and exemption of penalty interest Credit protection and other measures to support the normal production and operation of enterprises and help enterprises tide over the difficulties of epidemic disasters. At the same time, the bank actively did a good job in the seamless connection of loan renewal, and took the initiative to adopt separate loan renewal policy arrangements for the capital's health and epidemic prevention and livelihood key areas, and set preferential interest rates. There are many holes around wood flour; 300 mesh wood flour, minimize corporate credit financing procedures and reduce financing costs, and provide more preferential and efficient financial services

a number of supporting measures help small and Micro customers operate smoothly

strictly implement the charging system, strive to reduce the financing cost of small and micro enterprises, and comprehensively use credit policies and credit products to support the reasonable financing needs of enterprises. Take the initiative to make profits for small and Micro customers, and implement more preferential loan interest rates for small and micro enterprises involved in epidemic prevention and control. Actively carry out the business of renewal of loans without repayment of principal, and provide necessary capital turnover support for small and micro enterprises in the principle of renewal. Make full use of monetary policy support tools such as refinancing and rediscount to provide low-cost financial support and effectively help small and Micro customers operate smoothly

plan to do a good job in financial security for economic recovery as soon as possible

increase credit support for key areas such as infrastructure and people's livelihood security, implement the requirements of higher-level policies, do a good job in the docking of various financial services, actively integrate into the regional mainstream economy, support industries that meet the economic and social development positioning of the capital, and prepare for financial security for economic recovery in the subsequent stage of the epidemic

summon up 100 times confidence, make 100 times efforts, overcome difficulties, unite as one, and work together with the people of the whole country to resolutely win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic

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