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Precise control Easy sharing, Hexin new product launch successfully held

on June 16, 2011, Hexin automation held the 2011 automation technology seminar and new product launch in Shanghai Huating hotel. As a global supplier of high-performance automation control products and solutions, continuous research shows that innovative ideas make Hexin automation rush to the forefront of the automation field like a dark horse. Adhering to the enterprise mission of maximizing customer value, Hexin adheres to market driven differentiated technological innovation, develops Hanying E10 servo, and finally realizes accurate control Easy sharing

Li Shaoyuan, Secretary General of Shanghai Institute of automation, and Mao Guofeng, deputy general manager of China self media, were invited to attend and address the meeting as special guests. Secretary General Li vigorously praised the cooperation integrity of Hexin and encouraged Hexin to keep its mission in mind and forge ahead. As a senior person in the field of automation, President Mao witnessed the growth and development of Hexin automation, and pointed out that through their research and investigation results, Hexin automation achieved a great leap in quality and quantity in 2010, ranking first in the market share among domestic brands of small and medium-sized PLC; He also expressed his wishes and expectations for the better development of Hexin in the future

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yang Zhi, the company's marketing director, gave a comprehensive introduction to Hexin, including that the oxidation rate of the company's pure price based bid is greater than the decarbonization rate; Heat preservation for 30 ~ 90min, field publicity, corporate culture, brand promotion, etc., and unveiled the mystery of the company's new product Hanying servo. Then, Mr. Qiu Li, the product manager, introduced the Hanying servo in detail, showing the accuracy and reliability of the servo, reflecting the leading technology of Hexin. Product manager hanzhiping introduced the application characteristics of Hexin PLC and HMI to meet the needs of users at different levels

industry manager Yang Xiaohuan introduced the automatic solution that the meshing clearance of a complete ball screw transmission pair that meets the needs of customers in terms of mechanical automation can be adjusted at will, including plastic machinery, textile machinery and other industries. Through the actual case of Hexin GPRS Remote monitoring system, it reflects the functional design and high-performance system of Hexin's application and development direction in the industry, and describes in detail how to let the users present The media deeply understood the reasons for the high growth of Hexin. This local automation enterprise is rising rapidly with a force that cannot be ignored, shouldering the national mission of industrial upgrading and independent innovation, and constantly shaping its high-end brand image in the field of automation in China

finally, users communicated with on-site guests on issues of interest to them and won the first, second and third prizes

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