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To practice green life, Haiwei PLC will give free

the theme of 2017 World Environment Day is that man and nature are linked. The theme of 2017 China Environment Day is that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. Haiwei actively responds to national policies, advocates green life, practices low-carbon environmental protection, and starts from small things around us, resource conservation, and Haiwei

at present, there are a batch of products of the first generation discontinued models (HW beginning long models) in Haiwei warehouse, all of which are new machines and have good functions. We decide to give all the inventory of these HW beginning long models to people in need. As long as you have practical applications, we will give them free. Apply for a single project without limiting the number of gifts. You can apply for the required models according to the actual needs of the project. In order to ensure that you can use the products smoothly and easily, Our technicians will provide full technical services

due to the limited number of HW start long model hosts (hw-s24zs220t), when this model is delivered, you can choose other products:

1. Choose the HW start long model module (provided that you have a sea as the host before, because the HW start long model module must be hung behind the sea as the host)

2. If you don't have Haiwei as the host, you can choose to buy Haiwei as the new host (new appearance) and use it with the HW beginning long model module. The new and old models are compatible

this activity is a free gift of Haiwei's first generation long model products. If you mind customers who are discontinued inventory, you can choose to buy our new model products

1. The list of models beginning with HW is as follows (important note: the models beginning with HW are the first generation products, and the appearance and size are different from the new generation products):

2. Warm tips

1. The quantity is limited, first come, first served, and the experimental equipment should be able to meet the wire rod winding around the mandrel until it is delivered

2. New and old models of products can be programmed with Haiwell (Haiwei, but new investment projects are still being launched) PLC programming software haiwellhappy

3. We look forward to practicing this green action through your participation and efforts, and we look forward to your sharing

4. We will share the photos you sent about the use of PLC on site to the network platforms such as Haiwei official account, China industrial control and China industrial control Haiwei PLC forum. By sharing the photos, we will convey your awareness of green life, and let more industrial control people who affect the vertical installation participate in this activity. Sea first, create a green world, which requires the participation of you green angels

5. This activity aims to maximize the use of resources, so that this batch of discontinued old models of Haiwei products can be actually used. If you don't need it, please don't let other people who really need it miss the opportunity to use it. Thank you for your cooperation, support and understanding

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