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Beijing, August 24 (Intern Liu Yipeng, correspondent Gan Wenzhuo) in order to deeply understand the 70 year reform of manufacturing in China, students of the Department of mechanical engineering innovation performance encouragement mechanism of Tsinghua University uphold the spirit of "doing is better than saying", inherit the summer social practice tradition of "mechanical force" students in the past six years, and go deep into all parts of China to practice industrial rejuvenation, Feel the mechanical force

in the summer vacation of 2019, the Youth League Committee of the Department of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University launched the "mechanical force" (the seventh phase) college and department level practical project. "Mechanical power" (the seventh issue) takes "70 years of equipment" as the theme, and focuses on industry exploration, professional cognition and career guidance, and is committed to building the broadest second classroom in the Department of mechanical engineering

6 domestic practice detachments, 3 overseas practice detachments, and more than 90 Tsinghua students, led by 7 teachers, visited more than 40 enterprises and units in Italy, Japan, Egypt and other countries, as well as Shenyang, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Nanjing, Shanghai, Xuzhou and other cities from early July to mid August, and conducted in-depth interviews with personnel in the manufacturing industry, Feel the "mechanical power" of China's booming development

members of the "mechanical force" (phase VII) detachment took a group photo under the XCMG wheeled crane. Photo by Wei Bo

XCMG, the pacesetter in China's construction machinery industry. Members of the Yangtze River Delta detachment of "mechanical force" visited the company's exhibition hall. The dazzling product models of construction machinery and various concept cars deeply attracted the team members who came to visit, and the neat and comfortable working environment in the workshop also gave the team members a new understanding of the production line that is moving towards advanced technology. Practice is always our most precious second class, and the school supports it so much. We have no reason not to cherish every opportunity to practice after all, and successfully develop a PLA material with high toughness retention. " Liang Jiahua, a 2017 undergraduate in the Department of machinery, said so

while visiting Yaskawa electric machinery, Fuji machinery, the Italian Alumni Association of Tsinghua University, the Chinese embassies in Japan and Egypt, the three foreign detachment also visited the University of Tokyo, Nagoya University of technology, Milan Institute of technology and other world-class universities for academic exchanges and sharing activities

in addition, visits to offline factories, related science and technology exhibition halls, museums and other trips also provided a broad perspective and in-depth understanding opportunities for the team members. Chen Nuo, the leader of the detachment to Egypt, said: "as an engineering student, I am very excited to see Chinese enterprises shining all over the world and making contributions to the local areas. I have personally experienced China's power and China's increasing international influence. I hope that one day I can use my knowledge to bring China's technology to the world"

"mechanical power" (issue 7) Members of the detachment pay attention to the installation of hydraulic universal material testing machine in France. Lardy group visits the yacht production line. Photographed by Chen Zefeng

it is understood that the "mechanical force" department level practice project is a professional cognitive practice project that the Department of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University has long adhered to. Since the summer of 2013, it has been held for six times, and has achieved rich practical results. The measured value red in the upper window has accumulated a lot of practical experience, cultivated a large number of practical talents, and has won the honors of Beijing and Tsinghua University in practice for many times, Including the Beijing Municipal Youth League Committee "youth service national capital college students social practice top 100 detachment" and Tsinghua University Social Practice Gold Award

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