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Accurate positioning, amd further increases the embedded layout

as one of the two giants in the general CPU market, amd has paid more attention to the embedded market in recent years. Following the release of the G-Series accelerated processing unit (APU) platform with fanless design last year, a new generation of R-Series embedded APU platform was launched earlier this year for medium and high-end graphics intensive applications such as digital signage, casino games, POS machines, and parallel processing intensive applications that span medical imaging and security/monitoring

during the first industrial computer and embedded system exhibition in Shenzhen, amd joined several partners to display its latest G-Series and R-Series APU platforms. Mr. Lin Jiancheng, business director of AMD embedded solutions Greater China, and Mr. Liang Hao, technical application manager of AMD embedded solutions business in China, shared with the media the latest technological achievements of AMD in the embedded field and the development of AMD embedded business

the new generation of R-Series APU provides powerful efficiency and performance

the so-called APU is the integration of CPU and GPU on one chip, bringing a complete and full-featured embedded platform. The G series released by AMD last year is the world's first embedded APU, which uses a low-power x86 CPU based on the bobcat core, creating the possibility for the great leap forward development of embedded systems. In a heterogeneous multi-core embedded processing platform, the new generation R-Series APU integrates bulldoze's understanding of the model and scope of application of the pressure testing machine from the manufacturer with the CPU of R architecture and the discrete AMD radeon 7000 graphics with DirectX 11. It has strong processing power and display card performance, reaching a new height in embedded technology

the bulldozer architecture adopted by AMD embedded R-Series platform mainly reflects the performance of integer operation and floating-point operation. Thanks to its new control structure and operation unit, the new generation of bulldozer processors can significantly reduce power consumption while surpassing the previous generation of products

with the powerful performance of AMD radeon 7000 Series graphics card, R series can support up to four independent HD displays. In addition, combined with GPU, the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by StarTech, a domestic brand, is a technology leader in the same industry. Its performance parallel processing ability greatly improves the parallel computing ability of R series and provides excellent visual experience for various applications. AMD's Das 1.0 technology enhances the management, virtualization and security of embedded systems

performance and power consumption have always been a contradiction of processors. The power supply of each module of the R series is independent of each other, and can be cut off or activated at any time as needed. Using amd turbo core 3.0 technology, the frequency and speed of the processor can be greatly improved. In addition, the automatic bidirectional power management between the GPU of R series and the x86 core enables an ideal balance between performance and power consumption

in general, compared with competitive products, amd embedded R-Series platform has better performance, lower power consumption, smaller volume and lower cost. It is an ideal platform for target applications such as digital signage, entertainment games, medical imaging, POS system, video surveillance, etc

precise positioning and focus on areas

as far as x86 architecture is concerned, Intel's product line is undoubtedly much more than AMD's, and extends to embedded systems. As far as the market can see, the fact that relevant enterprises use Intel CPU as their embedded CPU also accounts for the majority. Facing this reality, how should amd deal with it

the answer given by Mr. Lin Jiancheng is: precise positioning, focusing on areas that require high-performance graphics processing capabilities

Mr. Lin Jiancheng introduced AMD's embedded development strategy

in fact, amd has invested in embedded for more than 25 years, and its products have been widely used in the field of industrial control and factory automation through the acquisition of National Semiconductor's geode processor product line. In 2007, amd acquired ATI, a professional graphics card company. Since then, amd has become an enterprise that can provide CPU and powerful GPU in embedded systems

Mr. Lin Jiancheng said that AMD will not launch a multi series product line like its competitors. AMD will first make a precise positioning of the product market, and then use its unparalleled advantages in the field of graphics cards to concentrate resources to launch related products in areas that need high-performance image processing capabilities. Amd has three closed-loop control modes: stress, strain and displacement. G series APU platform, as well as the latest R series APU platform, It is this idea that conforms to amd that came into being. For example, the latest R series embedded platform is mainly focused on digital signage, medical imaging, intelligent transportation, security monitoring and other fields. Since we launched G-Series APU last year, the market response has been very good. Therefore, we will stick to this layout. Lin Jiancheng said

in addition, amd attaches great importance to the return on investment of its partners. For example, in terms of low-power processors, AMD's geode X800 series has been widely used in the field of industrial control since its launch in 2005, and AMD has sufficient technical support for similar older processors, which ensures that the interests of partners can be maximized. This, for industrial users, also ensures their asset investment

what is the future of X86 in the architecture debate

in recent years, the debate between x86 architecture and arm architecture has not stopped. From the perspective of application, in the field of consumer electronics, the displacement system of the tension machine adopts a 3-loop control mode; Therefore, we should first disconnect the circuits in the displacement system, such as set-top boxes, handheld devices, etc. arm architecture has a great advantage. It has always been the x86 architecture. Will the industrial control embedded field be occupied by arm

in this regard, Mr. Lin Jiancheng put forward his own views

he believes that there are still essential differences between the consumer embedded field and the industrial control embedded field. The biggest feature of the industrial control embedded field is a small number and diversity. Although the ARM chip itself has advantages in power consumption and price, the cost of software development is not low, and the x86 product can be easily transplanted in software by virtue of its strong system advantages on the PC side, emphasizing customized products like industrial boards, X86 architecture chip will have more advantages. Moreover, with the development of technology and the improvement of manufacturing process in recent years, x86 architecture chips are becoming more and more integrated, and the power consumption is becoming smaller and smaller. In terms of price, it is not much different from high-end arm products. Therefore, x86 architecture will become more and more competitive in the embedded field

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