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Practice shows the truth, and use examples to prove that Great Wall lubricating oil l

practice shows the truth, and use examples to prove the reliability of Great Wall lubricating oil l-qd340 synthetic heat transfer oil

this factory is a professional factory in the field of blow molding -24 China Construction machinery information

the structure and composition of Zhao Xirong electronic universal testing machine of Sinopec lubricating oil company, and the host of electronic universal testing machine mainly includes base, workbench, column, lead screw Mobile beam and upper beam composition


this product is a high-temperature synthetic heat transfer oil product, and the product component is modified triphenyl. The product has high heat-resistant temperature, long service life and good heat transfer performance. This kind of high-temperature synthetic heat transfer oil has excellent reliability and has mature application cases at home and abroad

main technical indicators

main performance

this product has excellent high-temperature thermal stability, can withstand the high temperature of 340 ℃ without cracking, and has a long service life. This product has excellent heat transfer performance, and can achieve excellent heat transfer medium performance. This product has strong protection performance for the system and strong adaptability to the equipment, which can greatly improve the heat transfer efficiency of the heat transfer system


it is used in heat transfer systems with high temperature requirements, and the maximum application temperature can reach 340 ℃. It is widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, coal chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other industries

packaging form

200l metal barrel, bulk

in order to continuously improve the working efficiency of the tension machine

precautions for use

this product can be mixed with other brands of modified terphenyl, but not with products with inconsistent components; The maximum application temperature of this product is 340 ℃, and it cannot be used over temperature; This product conforms to the new situation of the rapid development of China's new energy vehicle industry and the annual increase in the number of power storage batteries. It needs to be applied to closed heat transfer systems, and oxygen cannot be contacted during operation; This product needs to be tested regularly

Application of l-qd340 synthetic heat transfer oil in a chemical enterprise in Ningbo

boiler type: gas boiler

equipment model: yql14000-q

oil type: initial loading

oil time: 2015

heat temperature: 305 ℃

filling volume: 190 tons

application effect: since the enterprise filled Great Wall l-qd340 in 2015, the system has operated smoothly and the oil index has remained good, The excellent thermal stability and good heat transfer performance of great wall heat transfer oil have brought good economic benefits to enterprises

Application of l-qd340 synthetic heat transfer oil in an olefin plant in Shandong

boiler type: gas boiler

Equipment Power: 26000kw

equipment manufacturer: buffer tank system

oil type: oil change

oil time: 2017

heat temperature: 320 ℃

loading capacity: 280 tons

heat equipment: reforming unit

application effect: the enterprise has filled aromatics unit since 2017.Use Great Wall l-qd340 for heat conduction The oil is 280 tons, and the normal heating temperature of the device is 320 ℃. At present, it operates normally, which reflects the advantages of good thermal stability and high heat transfer efficiency of the oil, and brings good economic benefits to the enterprise

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