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The central economic work conference held recently emphasized high-quality growth. The meeting held that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and China's economic development has also entered a new era. The basic feature is that China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage

at the same time, it is necessary to speed up the slow and uniform loading of the specimen into an index system, policy system, standard system, statistical system, performance evaluation and political performance evaluation to promote the development of high quality. The inspection and quarantine department strives to practice the high-quality development model in practice. At present, as a national strategy, "made in China 2025" has brought a huge "outlet" to the "Internet +" era since its release. As one of the important cornerstones of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the inspection and testing industry has also derived new values and burst into new vitality with the national strategic process

in the past five years, under the deployment of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of Jiangsu Province, the inspection and quarantine department has taken advantage of the trend and responded to the demands of the times. It has deeply integrated "Internet consulting with Jinan assay salesperson +" with inspection and testing, and the reform practice is fast and steady, exploring an innovative road of "Internet + testing" with Jiangsu characteristics

"facing the biggest variable of interconnection and the current situation of the development trend and situation of the inspection and testing industry, it is our best choice to use interconnection thinking to lead the development of the inspection and testing industry", Lu Yanguang, deputy director of Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said in an interview

cluster integration and transformation lead the "quality speed"

entering the reception hall of the food contact materials laboratory of Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, a real-time updated electronic screen is particularly eye-catching: 37 batches are being tested, 12 batches are being issued, 21 batches of samples to be tested... This electronic screen can be seen everywhere in the 1200 square meter laboratory - the visual management module of the business intelligence system, through the data output of the electronic screen, The staff can keep abreast of the testing situation of the day and reasonably arrange the work rhythm, which is an epitome of the laboratory information management system (LIMS) innovatively launched by Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau

coincidentally, in the laboratory of chemical, mineral and gold testing center of Lianyungang inspection and Quarantine Bureau, staff member Xiao Wang is entering data into LIMS system. Under the unified deployment of the industrial products center of Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Lianyungang Port launched the LIMS system in early 2017. By the end of September this year, 7894 samples of mineral products had been inspected, an increase of 24.1% year-on-year. "With this system, the laboratory testing of iron and copper ores entering and leaving Lianyungang port is more convenient, and the testing time can be shortened by at least 0.5 days, which effectively reduces the inspection and quarantine process and promotes the fast in and fast out of bulk resource commodities". Jiang Yu, director of the testing center, said, "this year, the imported mineral products at Lianyungang Port hit a record high, and the improvement of our testing efficiency is indispensable."

in the past five years, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine department has paid attention to top-level design and made every effort to build the brand of "e-inspection and easy testing". Establish the "Internet + testing" service mode of online and offline "zero distance" docking, successfully pilot the docking of laboratory testing results with the data of paperless system, and organize the development of the "e-inspection and easy testing" platform for inspection and quarantine laboratory resource management, which has passed the acceptance of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and has been promoted and used in more than 1300 laboratories across the country, and has been approved by the leaders of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine

at the same time, we should concentrate the efforts of the provincial system to create an "aircraft carrier cluster" for inspection and testing. A total of 6 national inspection, testing and certification public service platforms and 30 provincial platforms have been built, and many service outsourcing and testing clusters in Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi have begun to take shape. The public technology quality center of Wuxi Bureau has won the title of "light of quality" excellent technical institution in 2016; Continue to implement the "excellent enterprise, excellent product and excellent test" plan, promote the construction of inspection, testing and certification Industrial Park and the "the Belt and Road" national inspection and testing alliance, and help Jiangsu enterprises. Among them, micron nano PCL drug transport carriers are in the research stage, and the industry is "increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands"

full cycle "quality support" to improve ability

in the cosmetics Laboratory of Suzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Shen Zhen, deputy general manager of marketing department, is busy with her customer visit plan this month. "Customers should always visit and understand their needs, so that with stable trust, we can win the first opportunity in the market." Shen Zhen said. From 2012 to 2017, she worked in the cosmetics testing laboratory for five years, and witnessed the transformation of the comprehensive technology center of Suzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau. In the past five years, the comprehensive technology center of Suzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau has grown from small to large. The marketing team has grown from 2 to 18, and the business volume has increased from 11million. It is estimated that the total business volume in 2017 will exceed 100million. In the past five years, the center has developed into a testing institution with certain market space and social popularity, with an average annual growth rate of more than 40%. Its business covers cosmetics, food, light industry textiles, environmental protection, public health and other fields

"this benefits not only from the market-oriented road of the center, but also from the excellent testing strength of the center" zhuzhenhua, director of the technology center, said. At present, the center has two national key testing laboratories of "silk and cosmetics" approved by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, of which the cosmetics laboratory is the "benchmark Laboratory for cosmetics testing" of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. The center has been successively approved by the national "food re inspection agency", "commodity inspection agency accepting relevant consumer disputes" and "domestic non special purpose cosmetics inspection and filing inspection agency", Jiangsu food and Drug Administration and Jiangsu Administration for Industry and commerce, as well as the "Jiangsu cosmetics testing technology service platform"

"to improve technical strength, the provincial system is a game of chess to promote." Cong Jin, the science and Technology Department of Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said, "at present, 34 key laboratories in the province have passed the acceptance of the science and Technology Department of the General Administration, ranking in the forefront of the national system.". Over the past five years, Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau has guided and coordinated Lianyungang Bureau and Yancheng bureau to jointly build the Key Laboratory of ecological agricultural products, organized the construction of the Key Laboratory of edible vegetable oil of Zhangjiagang Bureau, and successfully passed the acceptance organized by the science and Technology Department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. According to the actual development of local industries, the Key Laboratory of wood products and furniture will be adjusted to Xuzhou Bureau for construction, and actively guide and help; In combination with the needs of local governments, Rudong Bureau was supported to build stone testing laboratories. In 2017, the technical centers of Suzhou and Zhenjiang bureaus were approved by the certification and Accreditation Commission as food re inspection institutions. At present, there are three systematic food re inspection institutions in the province

the "quality strength" of open sharing in service development

have you "shared" today? Open the app and easily drive a Moby bike or ofo small yellow car, which is well-known as shared bike. In May 2016, mobike took the lead in launching shared bicycles, and Xiaolan, Kuqi, hellobike and others followed suit. As of September 2017, there were about 20 bike sharing manufacturers of a certain scale, which were launched in more than 30 cities across the country, with more than 2million vehicles and 18.86 million users. The sharing economy of the fire should develop safely, and "interconnection + detection" is also a key link

in recent years, the rapid development of shared bicycles has also attracted social attention when solving the "last mile" of urban traffic. How to help bike sharing do a good job of "safety examination"? Jiangsu inspection and quarantine bicycle testing center handed in the answer sheet with brand, ability and service. Mobike, ofo, Yong'an and other bike sharing giants came one after another to sign up for cooperation with the testing center

"at present, the design, production and inspection of shared bicycles are basically in accordance with GB safety requirements for bicycles From the perspective of safety, this requirement is relatively low. Because GB is equivalent to ISO 4210:1996, the standard age is long and the technical requirements are relatively backward. Therefore, the ISO Organization issued a new ISO 4210:2014 in 2014, which has been greatly revised. The test method is more scientific, more in line with the actual use of bicycles, and greatly improves the strength requirements of bicycles. China bicycle standardization technical committee also plans to revise GB 3565 according to the ISO standard in 2017. " Yuanxingqi, member of China Bicycle Standardization Technical Committee and deputy director of Jiangsu inspection and quarantine bicycle testing center, said

as a kind of bicycle with more demanding service conditions, the use of shared bicycle has its own particularity. For example, the riding skills of cyclists vary greatly, and when braking violently, it is not necessary to brake first and then brake like experienced riders. If the brake of the car is very sensitive, it can cause the risk of rollover. The car has been exposed to the wind and rain for a long time, and the small damage accelerates to expand in the environment. After using it for a period of time, the risk of fracture is also greatly increased. All these require that shared bicycles should be designed with higher strength than ordinary bicycles. In the process of use, strengthen inspection and solve potential safety hazards. According to the use characteristics of shared bicycles, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine bicycle testing center has put forward its own technical testing scheme

in the past five years, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine bicycle testing center has made great efforts to improve its ability. The scope of ability recognized by the National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment of China has reached 117 standards in 57 categories. It is currently the bicycle, baby carriage and sports equipment testing institution with the most comprehensive recognition standards and the strongest technical ability in China. Since its establishment 20 years ago, it has established cooperative relations with international well-known testing and certification institutions TUV, SGS, its, BV, etc., and the testing report issued by it is "unblocked" all over the world. It is this series of testing strength that provides a reliable guarantee for the "safe on the road" of shared bicycles

at the same time, the testing center worked hard to win the trust of customers by improving the service level, extending the service level, and helping customers solve problems. In order to improve the efficiency of testing, the testing equipment "5+2" and "white plus black" operate nonstop, and the testing personnel work overtime on weekends and holidays to obtain the testing data as soon as possible. In 2017 alone, the testing batch and business income increased by 42% and 31% year-on-year respectively

"bike sharing, with its innovative mode of sharing economy, does provide a new solution to the problem of citizens' travel. However, the problems arising in the process need to be solved by us in a coordinated manner. In particular, safe travel needs further attention." Luohaiqing, director of Jiangsu inspection and quarantine bicycle testing center, said, "to provide a comprehensive solution to the packaging problems concerned by modern life, such as food packaging safety, e-commerce logistics packaging, convenient packaging, etc. in the next step, we should work with relevant departments to truly realize 'standardized management and orderly development' and escort the sharing economy."

"the mighty pass is like iron, and now we are moving from the beginning". Over the past five years, Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine has stood at the forefront of the market-oriented reform of laboratory testing, and has delivered a satisfactory answer with its own quality, technology and service; Facing the future, the inspection and quarantine personnel will accelerate the pace and continue to deepen the "interconnection + testing" to add a bright color to China's quality blueprint

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