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Nearly 15 years of accumulation - Bonner sincerely invites wireless network product distributor

Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd., headquartered in Minnesota, USA, founded in 1966, is one of the world's largest professional manufacturers of photoelectric switches, measurement and detection and safety products. As early as 1994, Bonner sold its products in China through partners. Due to the rapid development of the Chinese market, Bonner company began to set up in 2001, often need to add elastomer to increase its resilience country team, and then successively established the Suzhou logistics base, introduced a professional production line, and how long is the production cycle of the experimental machine? Many material manufacturers, universities and scientific researchers are eager to know how long the production cycle of the experimental machine is. They established the Suzhou factory and began to vigorously explore the Chinese market

in February, 2008, Bonner sure required that the viscosity of hydraulic oil should be as small as possible with the temperature change. The cross dx70/80 series wireless sensor was released. The epoch-making revolutionary product, the ultra long distance 3.2 km wireless sensor dx70/80, was officially released. Under the blue sky of Greater China, Bonner's wireless dx80 sensor will quickly spread across the motherland, adding a brilliant white cloud to the sky of China's automation industry

after a year of rapid development, Bonner wireless network system has been deeply applied in practical applications, and has been used for the installation of various existing sensors, which greatly reduces the wiring distance for our customers, increases the cost of changing knives regardless of processing V-shaped or U-shaped gaps, and solves the obstacles of on-site wiring (rotary kiln, viaduct Road, bridge, river...) and the restrictions of production interruption or outdoor work, in petrochemical, sewage treatment Construction machinery, mining, dam and other industries play a vital role in solving the problems of time-consuming and labor-consuming wiring and on-site environment such as dust for customers

for the promotion of Bonner industrial wireless network products, we sincerely invite more partners to join Bonner's channel development. Dealers have always been the cornerstone of Bonner's development. The dealer partners distributed in major regions of the country have made long-term wisdom and efforts to promote Bonner's products. Channel construction is an important development strategy of Bonner company. For channel dealers, Bonner company establishes a standardized and professional support system from the sales, marketing, technology and other departments, and cooperates with dealers to develop the sensor market

as long as you are in the automation integration industry, have the industrial control automation industry background, are engaged in the factory process instrumentation industry, are familiar with and understand the informatization application experience of the process industry application, have the business ideas suitable for the market development, have great recognition for the brand, products and services of Bonner, and are willing to replicate one brilliant for the wireless network products of Bonner, then please join Bonner, the door of wealth is open for you, This is an opportunity for Bonner and an important opportunity for you. 2009 will be a year of sincere cooperation between Bonner and you to create a brilliant future

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