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On July 28, the first domestic light guide plate photoelectric glass project laid the foundation in Xianning high tech Zone. The investor, CSG group, introduced that after it is put into operation next year, it will break the monopoly of the United States and Japan and replace imports. Together with Huaxing optoelectronics, Tianma and other display panel enterprises in Hubei Province, it will help Hubei occupy a larger territory in the domestic flat panel display industry

the project covers an area of 265 mu, with a phase I investment of 5. 100million yuan, with an annual output of 4million square meters of photoelectric glass, which can be widely used in the manufacture of new ultra-thin LCD

zouqing, assistant general manager of Xianning CSG optoelectronic Glass Co., Ltd., introduced that the glass thickness of the new product is only 0. 2 mm (equivalent to the thickness of two A4 copy papers), when the LCD TV is only as thin. "The service of the high tech Zone is efficient. It takes only 3 months to level the land, erect double circuit wires for free, and provide 'nanny' administrative approval and certificate handling services for the project." "The implementation of the Nanpo project is of great significance to the formation of new momentum in Xianning's economy." Lijianming, Secretary of Xianning municipal Party committee, said that it is necessary to promote industrial innovation and surpass by updating concepts, emancipating minds and changing minds

under the internal economic cycle of the global glass () department, in April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry with static experimental machines

2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the domestic epidemic, the prevention and control of the emergency situation of lid loading and unloading will be effectively controlled, and the global economic situation has also undergone great changes. Under the strong strategic deployment of national policies, China is gradually Moreover, it has the advantages of remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation, increasing influence of leading enterprises with driving force, constantly improving the construction of public service platform, attaching importance to green concept in industrial development, and having an international trade procurement market with complete industrial chain [details]

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