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Scientists from haydale composite solutions in Xiamen are currently cooperating with industrial partners such as Cobham technical services, Airbus and BAE system to conduct a fine pollution source survey and fight a tough battle for pollution prevention and control. The verification team sent by the second national pollution source census office of the Ministry of ecological environment gave feedback on the verification, highly affirmed the achievements made by Fujian Province and Xiamen in the pollution source census, and put forward guiding opinions on further improving the quality of the census and the follow-up work related to the census

as one of the two verified areas in Fujian Province, Xiamen has always been bold and realistic in the general survey of pollution sources, and has achieved significant success - the depth of elastic recovery after removing the main experimental force F1; Effect. What will happen to the household information collection and pollution aircraft of 14346 pollution source census objects in Xiamen? The accounting of pollutant discharge has been completed, and the pollutant discharge has not been significantly improved. Generally, it is basically consistent with the data mastered by the ecological environment department. This time, the national verification team went deep into six districts of Xiamen and found that the integrity, standardization, consistency, rationality and accuracy of key indicators were effectively guaranteed, and the error rate was far lower than the national census quality error control rate

since the second national pollution source census was carried out, the Xiamen municipal Party committee and government have attached great importance to the census. The completion of the census has been included in the annual assessment of the ecological civilization construction and environmental protection objectives of Party and government leaders, and all departments at all levels in the city are required to earnestly undertake it. At the same time, Xiamen has established a sound quality control system, established a six-tier audit mechanism, and organized five rounds of self audit and self inspection to effectively ensure the quality of the census. During the census, the national census office sent relevant experts and leaders to Xiamen for on-site investigation for many times, and organized a number of central media to Xiamen for investigation and interview in early August to report the highlights and achievements of the census in Xiamen

next, Xiamen will take the opportunity of the national inspection team's inspection in Xiamen to accelerate the implementation of rectification, ensure the completion of tasks with high standards, high quality and high efficiency, and accelerate the release and application of census results, so as to lay a solid foundation for winning the battle of pollution prevention and protection and escort the further promotion of ecological civilization

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