Xiamen Caimao launched industrial gprsdtu products

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Xiamen Caimao launched the industrial GPRS DTU boutique

Xiamen Caimao cm3150p/cm3150ep (fully compatible with Xiamen sangrong saro3150p/cm3150ep) GPRS DTU adopts ARM9 high-performance industrial embedded processor, takes the real-time operating system as the software support platform, has large memory, and is embedded with the tcp/ip protocol stack of independent intellectual property rights. It provides users with a high-speed, stable and reliable virtual private network with permanent data terminal and multi protocol conversion. For users with network flow control, the product supports the functions of voice, SMS and data triggering online and automatic disconnection in case of timeout. At the same time, it also supports the backup of dual data centers and the synchronous receiving of data by multiple data centers. Our products have been widely used in finance, water conservancy, environmental protection, electric power, postal service, meteorology and other industries

II. GPRS DTU wireless parameters

1. Support egsm900/gsm1800mhz dual band, 800/900/1800/1900mhz four band options

2. GPRS multi slot class 10

3. Coding scheme: cs1~cs4

4. Comply with smg31bis technical specification

5. Comply to GSM phase 2/2+

6. Support data, voice, SMS and fax

iii. GPRS DTU u hardware system

1. CPU: Industrial high-performance ARM9 Embedded Processor, MMU with memory management, 200mps, 16kb DCache, 16kb icache

2, flash:8mb, expandable to 32mb

3, sdram:32mb, expandable to 256mb

4, interface:



1 RS232 serial port

serial port rate: 110bps ~ 230400bps

data bit support: 8-bit or 7-bit

parity bit: none or odd or even

stop bit: 1-bit or 2-bit

flow control: none or rts/cts


1 RS485 interface. (rs232/422/ttl can be supported as required)

serial port rate: 110bps ~ 230400bps

data bit support: 8-bit or 7-bit

parity bit: none or odd or even

stop bit: 1-bit or 2-bit

flow control: none or rts/cts

control port:

rs-232, 115200 BPs, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity (8n1)

indicator: with power Communication act and indicator online

antenna interface: the response specification is not perfect. The standard SMA female antenna interface has a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω

while the flexural modulus and thermal deformation temperature increase slowly before 10 phr

uim card interface: 3v/5v standard push rod user card interface

power interface: Standard 3-core locomotive power socket

voice interface: standard headphone microphone interface

5. Power supply:

external power supply: DC 9V 500ma

wide voltage power supply: DC v

communication current: 350ma

standby current: 35ma

6. Dimension

product overall dimension: 92x62x22 mm (excluding antenna and fixed parts)

product packaging dimension: 298x226x60mm

7. Weight


8 Other parameters:

working environment temperature -25~+65 c

storage temperature -40~+85 c

relative humidity 95% (no condensation)

IV. GPRS DTU software function

p/udp transparent data transmission; Support multiple working modes. Heartbeat packet technology

2. Intelligent anti drop, support detection, maintenance, and automatic redial when dropped, to ensure that the device is always connected

3. Support RSA, RC4 encryption algorithm

4 Support the virtual man watch (VWM) function to ensure the stability and reliability of the system

5 Support virtual data private (apn/vpdn)

6 Support data center dynamic domain name and IP address access

7 Support DNS dynamic acquisition to prevent device crash caused by DNS server exceptions

8. Support dual data center backup

9 Support multiple data centers to accept data at the same time

10 Support SMS, voice, data and other wake-up methods as well as timeout disconnection

11. Support SMS Backup and alarm

12. Multiple software and hardware watchdog

13 Packet transfer status report

14. Standard at command interface

15 It can be used as ordinary dialing modem

16 Support telnet function

17. Support remote configuration and remote control

18 Upgrade through serial port software

19 It also supports Linux, UNIX and windows operating systems

v. GPRS DTU product features

1 Three layer system protection: Based on the original two-level system protection (software protection +cpu built-in watchdog protection, external hardware watchdog protection), Add a level-1 system monitoring protection SWP ("Altair HyperWorks and esacomp are important components of the ruag composite analysis process system watch protect") , completely solved the difficult problems in the industry, such as false, false crash, crash, etc

2. Super cache: it can provide 16m client transmission data cache to solve data loss caused by network bottleneck

3 High speed processing CPU: the extremely high-speed ARM9 industrial CPU can process various protocol data conversion at a higher speed and avoid data retransmission and loss caused by slow CPU processing.

s automatic acquisition: automatically acquire DNS without manual configuration and input of DNS, avoiding the serious phenomenon of DTU device crash caused by abnormal DNS server

5. Perfect protocol stack: the new system loads a perfect tcp/ip protocol stack. The original system uses a lightweight tcp/ip (LPIP) protocol stack, which is tailored. The new system uses a perfect tcp/ip protocol stack, which has excellent network communication performance

c excellent performance: through 3000V electric shock test, it is especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environment, and the system is stable and reliable

7. Multi center support: customer data can be sent to the monitoring center designated by the customer at the same time. The maximum number of sending centers is 256

u. full support: the new equipment can fully support all types of RTUs in the industry in terms of data bits, stop bits, check bits and flow control It solves the problem that 7-bit data and 2-bit stop bit cannot be supported

VI. typical GPRS DTU applications

1 Power monitoring

2 Oilfield monitoring

3 Remote meter reading

4 Street lamp monitoring

5 Environmental monitoring

6 Meteorological monitoring

7 Water conservancy monitoring

8 Thermal monitoring

9 Electricity meter monitoring

10 The computer room monitoring

comes from a workshop of the innovation group 11 Traffic instructions

12 Coal monitoring

13 Seismic monitoring

14 Vehicle guidance

15 Water supply monitoring

16 Expressway monitoring

17 Real time noise monitoring

18 Monitoring of key environmental pollution sources

19 Water supply pipe real-time transmission monitoring

20 Power distribution automation remote control system

21 All kinds of PLC and RTU with serial port or 485 interface at home and abroad realize wireless data transmission

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