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6. in Iran and Azerbaijan Xiamen workers actively engaged in rescue and disaster relief in the magnitude 2 earthquake

Iran and Azerbaijan 6 On August 11, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in East Azerbaijan Province in northwest Iran. At present, more than 300 people have been killed and more than 3000 injured. The next day, Sadaf machine, an Iranian dealer of Xiamen Industrial Group, responded quickly and immediately sent Xiamen Industrial Group equipment and operators to Ahar near Tabriz, the provincial capital

on August 11, the color was bright. A 6.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in East Azerbaijan Province in northwest Iran. At present, more than 300 people have been killed and more than 3000 injured. The next day, Sadaf machine, an Iranian dealer of Xiamen Industrial Group, responded quickly and immediately sent equipment and operators of Xiamen Industrial Group to the VaR zarghan area in Ahar city near the provincial capital Tabriz to carry out rescue operations. Ahar is located in a mountainous area. More than 80% of the buildings in most villages are soil structures, which have poor seismic resistance. Some villages were almost razed to the ground in the earthquake, and communication was interrupted in some areas

The xg958 loader is cleaning up the collapse site. It was taken on August 17 at the site of the Iranian disaster area

the tent area for the temporary resettlement of local victims

in this earthquake, the spontaneous rescue operations of the Iranian people were carried out together with the rescue operations of the Iranian government. Within a few days after the earthquake, Sadaf, an Iranian dealer of Xiamen Industrial Group, spontaneously deployed the in warehouse loaders and excavators of the secondary agent of Xiamen Industrial Group, which is closest to Ahar in the disaster area, for rescue and cleaning of collapsed houses. As an operator who had received the equipment operation and maintenance training of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Ali also rushed to the disaster area overnight and immediately put into intense rescue work. During the day, not far from the temporary tent settlement area, Xiamen workers' loaders operated by Mr. Ali are constantly shuttling back and forth to clean up the site of house collapse. Even at night, Mr. Ali drives the loader to do some simple road dredging work

the local villagers and rescue workers are very pleased with the selfless rescue of the SA friction and wear experimental machine [back to the catalog] DAF, a dealer of Xiamen workers. They believe that with the help of Xiamen Construction equipment and the government's reconstruction plan, they will be able to live in a new house soon

the rescue and relief work this time is mainly carried out by XCMG's shovel transport machinery ace xg958, which has great traction and digging force. Excellent work efficiency will ensure the progress and efficiency of this rescue work; In addition, xg821 excavator with superior performance also participated in the disaster relief work on site. On the other hand, Sadaf headquarters, a dealer of Xiagong, sent two rescue volunteers and one operator to var zarghan area to assist in rescue work and equipment operation and commissioning

after that, a large number of XCMG equipment will be in place in time. XCMG and its Iranian dealers will actively participate in the reconstruction plan announced by the Iranian government a few days ago, and will arrange the number of equipment and the overall rescue plan according to the reconstruction plan, so as to help the people in disaster areas in Iran rebuild their homes as soon as possible

rescue site

it is reported that hasangadami, director of Iran's national disaster response center, recently said that 20000 transitional houses would be built in the disaster area to accommodate the victims. At the same time, the vice president of the country also said that he would change his previous decision and accept international assistance. The overseas person in charge of XCMG said that XCMG has been cooperating with the distributor Sadaf for several years, and will, as always, ensure the timely supply of high-quality and high-performance equipment and accessories in the same year, and give back the trust of the Iranian people and relevant government organizations in XCMG products

XCMG products can be seen not only in this Iranian earthquake, but also in previous natural disasters such as the Philippine tsunami, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan and the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai. After each disaster, XCMG can always make a response at the first time. Whether it is the domestic headquarters, or the local dealers and secondary agents, they can organize human, material and financial resources in the shortest possible time to rush to the disaster area with loaders, excavators and other equipment in urgent need. In several earthquake relief efforts, Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully rescued many survivors, showing the courage of Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. This daring spirit has infected many Xiamen Industrial dealers. Their sense of society and respect for life have brought them together to actively respond to the front-line needs of the disaster areas. (Xiamen Engineering Group)

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