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Returning migrant workers Xiang Guangyun and his "Kui brand paint"

returning migrant workers Xiang Guangyun and his "Kui brand paint"

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[China paint information] from a rural young man who grew up in the poor mountain valley of Yangshi town at the junction of Yun and Feng to the current boss of Changrong paint factory; Xiang Guangyun, a migrant worker who travels from all over the world, is now a guide with more than 80 villagers active in various housing decoration sites in the county. This is the entrepreneurial road of Xiang Guangyun, a migrant worker who returns home

Xiang Guangyun was born in Xing'an village, Yangshi town in 1980. The geographical conditions of Xing'an village are very poor, the production conditions are extremely poor, and the villagers' life is very difficult, which fully meets the requirements of gb16491 (1) 996 for the experimental machine. Xiang Guangyun's family is as poor as the villagers, and his father also suffers from disability. Under the condition that the price of such bars is 10 cents, he was forced to drop out of school and go home after graduating from junior high school, and chose to go out to work like most of his peers

Xiang Guangyun's "Kui brand paint"

. As an apprentice, there is no salary, and ten fingers are often corroded beyond recognition by chemical materials. But Xiang Guangyun knew that only by mastering a technology can he say goodbye to the days of coolie. A year later, Xiang Guangyun finally said goodbye to his apprenticeship and began to earn money

as a migrant worker, he has a technical job to settle down and "don't worry about traveling all over the world". But Xiang Guangyun, who is not satisfied with the status quo, is not satisfied with just being a decorator

From 1999 to 2004, Xiang Guangyun successively went to Jingmen, Jingzhou and other places in Hubei Province to engage in interior and exterior wall coating decoration projects. During this period, he gradually developed from working alone to working with a group of people from his hometown

2005, Xiang Guangyun brought a group of villagers to Honghu, Hubei Province. As Xiang Guangyun is sincere and his team is skilled, he has been appreciated by the boss of a technology development company in Honghu City. This enterprise is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of latex paint series products. The boss admired Xiang Guangyun's ability and personality, and also wanted to expand the market when he reached a high tonnage, so he invited him to join him and serve as the manager of the production department

after that, the company's products will be used wherever there is decoration business. Xiang Guangyun continues to undertake the decoration works of the internal and external walls of the local houses, while acting as the production manager. His business has grown rapidly and won the trust of the housing developers and the company's boss

during his tenure as the company's manager, he made continuous efforts to learn from Guangyun and mastered many processes and technologies for the production of emulsion paint. At the same time, when he returned home for the Spring Festival, he found that there was no professional paint manufacturing enterprise in his hometown Fengjie County. "Why not use your own technology and capital to go home and set up a factory?" Think to the light cloud

in the second half of 2011, inspired by Chongqing's policy of guiding and encouraging migrant workers to return home to start a business, Xiang Guangyun resolutely resigned from the post of production minister and no longer undertook the decoration business of local houses. He bought back machines with his savings and prepared to open a paint factory in his hometown

easier said than done. Although there is technology and a certain amount of capital, there is still a process from working to being your own boss. After all, there is much more to pay. After returning to Fengjie in the first half of 2011, Xiang Guangyun made great efforts to look for factories. He was left in the western new area, Caotang Industrial Park and other places. Finally, with the support of relevant departments at the county level, Xiang Guangyun chose the plant site in the idle plant of Chongming cement plant in Yongle Town. After that, we successfully completed the business license and other relevant procedures

at the end of October, 2011, Changrong coating factory, which invested 800000 yuan in Guangyun, officially opened

build Fengjie people's own brand

after the opening, the paint factory began to operate according to the established plan by commissioning machines, trial production and producing finished products

soon, "Fengjie made" latex paint, thermal insulation mortar, real stone paint and various internal and external wall (ordinary) putty and other products were brought off the production line of Changrong paint factory, bagged (boxed), and continuously transported to various construction sites

Xiang Guangyun has his own consideration on the brand and packaging of the products he produces: in the last century, some processing products in Fengjie were awarded provincial and ministerial awards, but they are rare after the relocation of the Three Gorges immigrants. Few brands can really break out of Kuimen, even in the city. Therefore, Xiang Guangyun decided to build a paint brand that really belongs to Fengjie people

"before Fengjie, it was called Kuizhou. At its peak, it governed many counties, cities and prefectures. Its products might as well be called 'Kui brand'!" After several nights of pondering with Guangyun, he decisively named his product. Soon, he submitted the trademark application to Guangyun to the industrial and commercial department and got the reply

Xiang Guangyun told that he chose "Kui brand" because he was a Fengjie man. He not only wanted to make Kui brand paint a local brand and well-known in the county, but also based on Fengjie and rushed out of Kui gate to the whole country

"I think Kui brand paint is as good as those brands." Many teachers who have been engaged in interior and exterior wall decoration for many years have drawn their own conclusions after many times of comparison and use

in fact, it is not just the decorators who say so. The inspection results of Kui brand paint series products produced by Guangyun to Wanzhou measurement and Testing Center show that all indicators of Kui brand paint have reached the national standards

because of its excellent quality, Kui brand paint has been widely used in the construction of new countryside in Yangshi Town, the landscape reconstruction project of Xinglong and Kuizhou road in the county, and even in some construction sites in neighboring Hubei Province. Kui brand paint has been highly praised and is increasingly known by more and more users

80 villages and neighbors are employed nearby by "Kui brand"

now, since the trial operation of Changrong coating factory in xiangguangyun for five months, the daily production capacity has reached more than 10 tons, and the number of workers directly engaged in production and processing has reached 12

after Xiang Guangyun succeeded in starting a business, he actively learned from the business model he had mastered when working outside and contracting projects, that is, after producing products, he was equipped with professional construction teams to make customers more satisfied. At the same time, these professional technicians are not only constructors who participate in specific operations, but also propagandists who speak by themselves. Through their operation and publicity, the products will be accepted by more customers

because of this, Xiang Guangyun recalled all the decoration workers who used to work in other places at the beginning of the construction of the factory. After that, whenever a customer needs a product, Xiang Guangyun always contracts the corresponding decoration work at a labor price slightly lower than the market price as far as possible to let them participate in it

"this is not only one of my measures to sell products, but more importantly, it gives my neighbors the opportunity to make money nearby." Xiang Guangyun said that he was a migrant worker and knew the hardships of migrant workers working in other places. Therefore, solving the problem of more villagers' employment in his hometown was one of the driving forces for him to make up his mind to return home and start a business

nowadays, there are more than 80 villagers who rely on Xiang Guangyun's Kui brand series of products and are distributed in various decoration sites. Like Xiang Guangyun, most of them were originally working in other places and later returned to their hometown after mutual introduction. Not only did they find jobs nearby, but their monthly wages also increased from more than 2000 yuan to more than 3000 yuan

through the strong publicity of the relevant government departments, the factory has stepped into the track of sound development. Xiang Guangyun has gradually learned about a large number of government preferential policies for migrant workers to return home and start their own businesses, such as migrant workers' business guarantee loans, which can be enjoyed by returning entrepreneurs. He said that he will make good use of these policies to make the enterprise thrive and enable more outgoing villagers to return home for employment

"the report of the Party Congress and the government work report clearly put forward the task of 'Solidly Promoting the construction of regional central cities and creating livable Fengjie', which makes me full of hope for future development." Xiang Guangyun said that the construction of the western new area, the continued implementation of the "six cities co creation" and the construction of a modern village and town system are all closely related to his own products. Although he was faced with the pressure of market competition, he was confident and confident


in order to promote the transformation from "working economy" to "entrepreneurial economy", in recent years, the county Party committee and the county government have actively introduced measures to attract migrant workers to return home for entrepreneurship. Xiangguangyun Changrong coating factory is a successful case in the good entrepreneurial environment cultivated by the government

Xiang Guangyun returned home with capital and technology to start a business. He not only became a small boss in his hometown, but also enabled more than 80 villagers to find employment in his hometown. In this way, at least 80 farm children will no longer be left behind children left unattended, more than 80 pairs of parents will no longer be empty nesters, and the villagers themselves will no longer have the worry that they can't pay attention to both making money and looking after their homes

I hope that more migrant workers' brothers can return to the southeast like Xiang Guangyun, so that more migrant workers' brothers and sisters can live and work in peace and contentment in their hometown, and that left behind children and empty nesters can enjoy more family affection and warmth

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