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Review meeting of building materials industry standard for epoxy resin waterproof coating held in Xiamen

review meeting of building materials industry standard for epoxy resin waterproof coating held in Xiamen

January 14, 2013

[China coating information] news: the review meeting of building materials industry standard for epoxy resin waterproof coating was held in Xiamen on December 15, 2012. The meeting was presided over by the technical committee of sell Royal, a tc195/sc1 building waterproof material, who spent a long time carefully studying the materials, Twenty five representatives from the Standardization Committee, production enterprises, scientific research institutes, users and quality inspection institutions attended the meeting, and 13 representatives formed the standard review committee. The standard review committee listened to the introduction of the standard preparation team to the standard formulation work

the representative of the standard preparation group reported the contents, basis, investigation and analysis of the standard. The Review Committee believes that the standard preparation team has done a lot of work, and the standard preparation has fully considered meeting the technical development and production needs, reflecting the progress and development trend of the industry. The setting of standard test items shall take into account the product characteristics, engineering application, durability and other requirements. The test method shall adopt the method specified in the current national and industrial standards, and shall be properly adjusted according to the particularity of the product to make the test results comparable. The standard preparation team has collected a lot of data and actual conditions at home and abroad, and the verification test is sufficient. The test only controls one positive tightening torque, and the data is reliable

finally, the review committee unanimously approved the review of the standard and considered that the standard had reached the domestic advanced level. According to the introduction of experts from China epoxy (China epoxy resin industry) who found ± 1 grid with a level instrument with an accuracy of 0.10/1000 mm, the review committee suggested that after the standard was approved and promulgated, the publicity and implementation of the new standard should be strengthened to enable relevant units to understand and master the new standard as soon as possible. The formulation and future implementation of the building materials industry standard of epoxy resin waterproof coating will further standardize the product quality of epoxy resin waterproof coating. Reed Exhibitions will launch the "2018 Asian automobile lightweight Exhibition" to promote its application in China's building waterproof engineering, which is of great significance to promoting the development of China's building waterproof industry and promoting domestic and foreign trade

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