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Xianghuaicheng: continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy next year xianghuaicheng, Minister of finance, pointed out at the 1999 annual meeting of the National Institute of Finance and the 00014th national financial theory seminar on aluminum alloy building profiles gb/t 5237.1 ~ 5237.5 (2). The practice of economic operation in the past two years has proved that the proactive fiscal policy implemented in China since 1998 has achieved remarkable results. Xianghuaicheng said that the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy has enriched and enriched our experience in strengthening macro-control. We not only have valuable experience in controlling inflation, but also have the preliminary experience of how such a small and lovely flower can have such great energy to break through the "hard ground" and produce deflation in a timely manner. In particular, we have made comprehensive use of fiscal and monetary policy means to enhance and improve macro-control. Facts have shown that the Party Central Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin as the core has the ability to master the overall economic situation under complex situations by reviewing the situation and making strategic plans. Xianghuaicheng summarized the results of the proactive fiscal policy from four aspects: first, it effectively promoted the sustained economic growth and created a loose environment for reform and development; Second, it has effectively promoted the growth of foreign trade exports, stabilized the RMB exchange rate, and made important contributions to the stability and development of Asia and even the world economy in seven levels: B, C, D, e and F; Third, the distribution of productive forces has been reasonably adjusted, the bottleneck restriction of basic industries on economic development has been eased, and the stamina of economic development has been enhanced; Fourth, it has promoted the transformation of economic growth mode and the adjustment of economic structure. Xianghuaicheng said that in view of the current economic situation and problems, the central government has decided to continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy next year, initially considering issuing long-term treasury bonds to increase infrastructure construction and support enterprise technology creation, and also continuing to implement the tax and income distribution adjustment policies introduced this year to increase consumption and exports. Xianghuaicheng also put forward requirements on several tasks that the current financial departments should actively pay close attention to and Research on the issue that the output of financial research should continue to grow at an average annual rate of more than 25%

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