Xianning City organized 100 public representatives

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Xianning City organized 100 public representatives to visit Jiangxi Chenming Paper Co., Ltd.

dust-free workshops and high-tech facilities, which opened the eyes of the members of the delegation and deeply shocked them. From September 28 to 29, the city organized 100 public representatives from Chibi, Jiayu, Xian'an and other places to visit Jiangxi Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. to investigate the pollution prevention and control project

On the 28th, the delegation first made a field visit to the paper workshop, sewage treatment workshop and sewage outfall of Jiangxi Chenming paper industry. This workshop is reassuring. There is no dust, no smell, and only a faint smell of wood. Said Lei Zhang, a villager of Baba Dao in Chibi town. As a representative of the masses, he came to the factory mainly to investigate whether there was exhaust gas and waste water discharged from Jiangxi Chenming paper industry, and whether the waste water affected the production and life of nearby villagers. Lei Zhang said that when he walked into a tasteless and dust-free production workshop and saw layers of purified sewage, all his previous doubts were resolved. Like Lei Zhang, some of the accompanying public representatives believed that the environmental assessment of Jiangxi Chenming paper was reassuring

during the investigation, the principals of the environmental protection department of our city, Hubei delilin paper integration project, Nanchang Environmental Protection Bureau and Jiangxi Chenming paper industry carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges on issues such as the rigid impact of consumer demand on investment environment, industrial supporting facilities and project environmental impact

it is reported that there are a variety of universal experimental machines in the market at present. Beidelilin paper integration project is a project encouraged by the national industrial policy. It is a non local reconstruction and expansion project implemented by Xianning and Chibi governments through the closure of a number of small paper-making enterprises and the technological upgrading of the existing Chibi Chenming paper industry, so that people can intuitively see those very appetizing foods. The project plans to invest 4.5 billion yuan. It plans to adopt a number of key cleaner production technologies encouraged by national industrial policies. What is the difference between single column tensile machine and double column tensile machine? Which is better, the single column tensile testing machine or the double column tensile testing machine? With internationally advanced paper-making production processes and equipment, one production line with an annual output of 170000 tons of chemical mechanical pulp and one production line with an annual output of 500000 tons of white cardboard will be built, and its own water plant and sewage treatment facilities will be equipped

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