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Xiaomi idol smart aircraft in the UAV industry costs only 100 yuan to make you a master of Xiaobai

Xiaomi idol smart aircraft in the UAV industry costs only 100 yuan to make you a master of Xiaobai

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original title: Xiaomi idol smart aircraft in the UAV industry costs only 100 yuan to make you a master of Xiaobai

from taking a camera when traveling to taking photos when you go out today, and the camera equipment is becoming smaller and smaller, The shooting angle is also your own parallel angle of view. With the upgrading of consumption and the users' pursuit of new things, the hot aerial photography in recent years has been selected by many advanced players. However, not most users can afford a drone that costs nearly 10000 yuan. Therefore, the UAV industry urgently needs millet style companies to let everyone enjoy the fun of science and technology

dooying's idol intelligent aircraft came into being. It is easy to use, safe, foldable and portable. It has AI gesture recognition, intelligent human shape tracking, one click short film and other features. What about the dooying UAV? Let's experience it together

the appearance is portable and small, and you can walk when folded.

this time, the idol intelligent aircraft adopts the aerodynamic principle to design the fuselage, which is mainly gray blue with a little orange red. It is stable and lively, and is very popular with young people

the bottom is protected by a safety pad, which can reduce the contact area between the fuselage and the ground during landing, and better achieve shock absorption balance

The brushless motor power system of idol intelligent aircraft has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and long life. I am really satisfied to see the photos taken by idol intelligent aircraft flying up. After all, this is the height that ordinary cameras cannot touch

thanks to the small size and folding advantages of the fuselage, it can be folded up and set out in daily travel. The weight of 360g is also taken with you. When the range of a single set of folding devices reaches kiloton/year, the size is 226 × one hundred and forty-four × 48。

for Yingqu, the storage bag is also customized for idol intelligent aircraft. It is folded and placed in the storage bag. Compared with the bulky storage bags of other brands, idol intelligent aircraft is more convenient. The backpack you carry can be put down when you go out, and you can fly when you take it out, so that users will not miss any wonderful moments

easy to use

in addition to the small and fashionable appearance, the use of idol intelligent aircraft has won the hearts of the people. The operation of idol intelligent aircraft is a fool's operation, making you a master in an instant. Before the first flight, you can get started quickly by simply reading the manual or watching the operation video in the app

in fact, as long as you connect the WiFi of idol intelligent aircraft, then conduct relevant calibration, and click one button to take off and land, idol intelligent aircraft can fly. So what can you do after flying

idol intelligent aircraft is deeply rooted in AI Artificial Intelligence technology. Based on AI gesture recognition function, it can recognize the user's gesture operation. It can perform gesture landing, gesture photography and other functions without bow operation

under intelligent follow-up, idol intelligent aircraft can automatically track the preset objects, follow the camera from the perspective of God, and lock the protagonist at all times without manual follow-up. In addition, there are vertical soaring, 45 ° fading, 360 ° circular shooting flight operation, and control of multiple perspectives, which can provide you with more interesting and interesting materials for shooting and video recording

The battery capacity of

1800mah can meet the flight experience of 10 minutes. Although the time is not very long, at present, almost all aircraft on the market have a flight time of about 10 minutes. If there is a need for long-time shooting, you can carry two batteries. Although the flight time is only 10 minutes, the pictures that remain are really rare and valuable. It can be said that every shot is shocking

as for the quality of the photos taken, the idol intelligent aircraft adopts the electronic stability enhancement system equipped with 3aD noise reduction algorithm, which can output 1080p/30 frames of video, 1920 × 1080 photo resolution. At the same time, in terms of color control, it also has its own set of algorithms in terms of cost. On the whole, it is an adjustment to reduce waste rate and please users

here are some sample photos taken in use:

these photos were taken while playing in Datong. In particular, there was still a lot of wind in Datong that day. The idol intelligent aircraft can still hold most of the time, but it will swing in the scene with stronger wind. It's satisfying that none of the samples taken were falsely taken, and the videos were relatively clear. It's very satisfying to send messages to the circle of friends and Weibo. Even in a very messy environment, God's perspective can still make the photos look shocking, which may be the charm of UAV photography

in the current environment of consumption upgrading, users are more in pursuit of quality life. The camera shooting angle allows us not to have too many fun bonus items in travel and play. On the contrary, the cost of idol intelligent aircraft is not high, and it also improves the playability of users' travel. It has great market potential. It is estimated that by 2020, the global annual sales of unmanned aircraft is expected to reach 4.33 million, and the market scale will reach US $25.9 billion

judging from the current market, the UAV market will still have a good room for growth and development. It belongs to a sunrise industry. Before entering the market, idol intelligent aircraft can quickly tear up a piece of the market under the general environment with the product concept of "price is close to the people and photography is powerful". It is believed that 999 yuan makes many users itch to buy early and enjoy early. It is worth recommending

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