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Heavyweight! Xianyang builds Weihe automobile industry corridor, Xingping...

original title: heavy! Xianyang builds the Weihe automobile industry corridor, Xingping...

@ Xianyang on the morning of July 18, the city held the Weihe automobile industry corridor development forum and reading automobile Strategy Conference, which can be said to be the signing ceremony of the project

vice governor Luzhiyuan and Deputy Secretary General lanjianwen of the provincial government attended the ceremony. Yueliang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and liguoxin, chairman of reading automobile, delivered speeches. Mayor Weihua introduced the situation of Xianyang Weihe automobile industry corridor

Fu Yuwu, President of China Society of automotive engineering, chenquanshi, Professor of Tsinghua University and director of Automotive Research Institute, Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of automotive industry, etc. witnessed the signing. He xinlai, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Zhangxiaoping, vice mayor, and yangmeile, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC attended the event. Wanghongbing, vice mayor, and Shu Xin, general manager of reading Automobile Co., Ltd., signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Wugong County and science and Technology Industrial Park of our city have signed cooperation agreements with relevant parties

before the signing ceremony, Yue Liang and Wei Hua met with liguoxin and other guests. After the signing ceremony, Fu Yuwu, Shi Jianhua, chenquanshi, Shu Xin and Hao Liang, head of Bosch light electric system in China, delivered speeches successively, and reading coco automobile was unveiled

take root in Xianyang, Redding and QINXING to build a new engine of Shaanxi Automobile Industry

on July 18, the Weihe automobile industry corridor development forum and Redding automobile Strategy Conference project signing ceremony was held in the citizen culture center, marking the official start of the construction of the core area of the Weihe automobile industry corridor. In the future, Xianyang will build a 100 billion level industrial cluster with new energy automobile manufacturing and parts as the main body

with the in-depth implementation of China's manufacturing power and the "the Belt and Road" initiative, the transformation and upgrading of China's automotive industry has ushered in new historical opportunities

since 2017, the city has taken the development of new energy vehicles as a major measure to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, cultivate new kinetic energy and promote high-quality development. After the provincial Party committee and the provincial government put forward the goal of "building a pillar industry of 3million vehicles", the city has accelerated the formulation of relevant plans, improved specific operating policies, and planned to promote the whole industry chain by closely focusing on the task of "achieving a production capacity of 300000 vehicles by 2021", It has successively attracted a number of automobile production and supporting enterprises such as Shandong Leiding automobile enterprises to settle in Xianyang

in order to build the "Weihe automobile industry corridor", the city has formed a core development plan of "one heart, one place and many points". Yixin is located in the city's science and Technology Industrial Park with Leiding QINXING as the core, Wugong County as the base, and Qindu, Xingping, Qianxian, Sanyuan and other counties as the multi-point

"The settlement of Redding QINXING new energy automobile base in Xianyang is of great significance. It will be a win-win cooperation. On the one hand, it will make full use of the focusing advantages of Xianyang automobile industry to empower the development of enterprises. The hybrid polymer system is the core of Evonik innovation - they combine the good processing performance of thermoplastic polymers with the good mechanical performance of thermosetting plastics to realize the comprehensive layout of Redding new energy medium and short distance vehicles; on the other hand On the one hand, after the completion of the base, it is expected to become a new engine of Shaanxi Automobile Industry. " Fuyuwu, President of China Society of automotive engineering, said

the Leiding QINXING new energy automobile western production base with an investment of 20billion yuan is a new force in China's new energy automobile manufacturing and a core component of the Weihe automobile industry corridor. It is planned to build a modern automobile factory integrating automation, digitalization and green environmental protection, covering an area of 3500 mu, with a total planned production of 600000 new energy vehicles. The establishment of the Xianyang base for new energy vehicles in Leiding QINXING marks that Leiding is stepping into a new stage. Leiding QINXING will rely on the Weihe automobile industry corridor to build a new engine for Shaanxi Automobile Industry

Shu Xin, general manager of Redding Automobile Co., Ltd., said that in the future, Redding automobile will seize the historical opportunity of "the the Belt and Road" in which its experimental speed can reach 0.001mm/min ⑴ 000mm/min, focus on medium and short distance travel, continuously increase R & D investment, expand and strengthen the western base of Redding QINXING new energy automobile, and effectively support the realization of Shaanxi's grand goal of "3million complete vehicles"

it is reported that 32 projects were signed at the press conference, with a total investment of 40billion yuan, including 20billion yuan for the Xianyang leidingqinxing new energy automobile western industrial base project, 10billion yuan for the martial arts military civilian integration new energy commercial vehicle project, and 10billion yuan for 30 new energy enterprise supporting enterprises, injecting a stronger impetus into the upgrading and development of the Weihe automobile industry corridor

Xianyang all media: Lihua, shenguangrui and haoxiangjun collect and weigh ferrophosphate and oxide skin


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