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Xiaoming's new clothes are funny and upgraded. They are very popular. Release date: Source: Liuyang window is applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. Editor: Yujia Views: 2615 copyright and disclaimer core tips: consumption surveys show that China's beverage consumption structure is constantly inclined to high-end. Star products represented by unifying Xiaoming's cold tea making are deeply loved by the new generation of consumer groups. Recently, Xiaoming gave back to consumers again through a sincere "funny upgrade", which triggered a hot reception

[China Packaging News] Introduction: the consumption survey shows that China's beverage consumption structure continues to tilt towards high-end, and the star products represented by uni president Xiaoming's cold tea are deeply loved by the new generation of consumer groups. Recently, Xiaoming gave back to consumers again through a sincere "funny upgrade", which triggered a hot reception

since the middle of February, Xiaoming, a "serious, funny, low-key and cold bubble" student, has officially announced with a group of unique "Ming style" cartoon posters: funny upgrade, brain hole change! Then it was broadcast live with an anonymous brain hole challenge that caused a sensation and reached the peak of the topic again. Recently, xinxiaoming, who is always funny, launched "funny automatic vending machines" at Shanghai metro station. It is reported that these machines not only give free drinks, but also create a lot of funny points because they are funny, cute and tricky

xinnaodong: Yes, this is Xiaoming

free delivery is common, but funny delivery is not. What people like to talk about is the random interactive games of vending machines. Some participants dance, some laugh, and some cry with one voice

the interview found that among the passengers participating in the interactive game of the vending machine, there were many young consumers who were familiar with Xiaoming's funny temperament. After being teased and tricked, they said: "very good, this is Xiaoming!" "I've always been a loyal fan, and this time I've been great at my Ming ~" "apart from Xiaoming, there's no SEI in this big brain hole ~" at the same time, "more funny", "more magical", "more fun" and other words have also been mentioned frequently. It seems that Xiaoming, who is funny and upgraded, has once again won the approval of consumers, especially new and new people

appearance is productivity, and being funny is the last word

many consumers at the scene reported that Xiaoming's appearance was greatly improved after the upgrade, which made them love it. The new packaging of hat wearing style is more eye-catching and funny, and each style conveys a fresh personality. Huang Xiaoming of the lime black tea is equipped with the three bars of the brigade leader. Material science is the basic science of the strategic emerging industry, which has successfully interpreted the most dazzling among the crowd; The green Xiaoming of liulida tea has a doubi thesaurus on her head, which is absolutely a happy fruit that is welcomed by little friends and will fly up in the future; The orange Xiaoming of iced orange green tea comes from class 2, and it is "class 2" when wearing eye shadow

some people also saw the CP feeling from the new packaging, "my Xiaoming is watching your huangxiaoming ~" "who called me the captain!" "Hahaha, you are suitable for the mass inspection and sorting of springs on the production line." the happy interaction makes the subway people look at it frequently. Of course, in addition to the improvement of appearance, Xiaoming's funny skills have also been improved. The on-site consumers tore open the bottle label and unexpectedly found funny brain hole stickers. Personality declarations such as "addicted to learning is becoming thinner" and "learning to be stupid" all hit the funny spot

funny upgrade: the professionals who manage the consumption loyalty of young groups said that Xiaoming's funny upgrade, whether it is the "Ming style" poster in the early stage, the anonymous brain hole live broadcast, or the recent "funny vending machine", has triggered a heated consumption debate, especially the post-95 interactive trend, which has made it more attractive to the target group, which is of great benefit to further enhance brand loyalty

indeed, from the perspective of consumer loyalty management, this funny upgrade is of great significance. First of all, Xiao Ming's natural genes of continuous evolution and innovation and change have prompted him; Secondly, Xiaoming's target consumer groups of young and post-95 generation are growing in the network information immersion, and their consumption patterns, needs and experiences are rapidly upgrading, which requires Xiaoming to have accurate judgment. Plastic processing plants with small scope mainly adopt manual cleaning; Mechanical cleaning has high efficiency, sensitive market response, and leads the consumption trend by rapidly promoting and upgrading in an appropriate way of communication and interaction

the growth of the beverage industry continues to slow down. Even Coca Cola, the former beverage overlord, has suffered setbacks and its performance has declined for four consecutive years. However, just as all industries will show: under the same market situation, some are affected and struggling, while others turn crisis into opportunity and continue to innovate to lead growth. Xiaoming's funny upgrade this time is not afraid of the background of the slowdown in market growth and his strong market performance. Everything is based on the changes in consumer demand, which is worthy of consumers' affirmation

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