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The three big men are more than 200 kilograms, all hanging on the window sash of yimeide. The window sash is not loosened at all, and the hinge is not broken. Why is the strength of yimeide doors and windows so high

incidents of casement window sash falling occur from time to time, and even produce tragedies. The tragedy of window sash falling in Shenzhen a while ago is very profound. The occurrence of such tragedies is not unrelated to the hinge and window sash assembly. The broken hinge, looseness and poor quality of the window sash will all cause the casement to fall off

safe and good doors and windows should have ultra-high strength as shown in the video below

3 big men with a full weight of more than 200 kg are all hung on the window sash of imede, and the window sash is not loosened at all, and the hinge is not broken

why is the window of imede so strong? Now let's explain it one by one

high quality hinge

in terms of door and window hardware, yimeide is unambiguous, and all high-quality hardware are used. The hinge, hinge, sliding support and other hardware systems are made of thick 304 stainless steel, which is wear-resistant, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and ingenious in structural design. The bearing force is distributed as far as possible, so the deformation is very small under large load

high quality aluminum

it adopts high-quality full thickness aluminum profile, which is extruded from high-purity raw aluminum, and titanium, magnesium and other elements are added according to the national standard, reaching or even exceeding the national aluminum alloy profile 6063 standard. Stiffeners are set in the section design to improve the bending resistance

the hinge bears a large load, and the hinge transmits the force to the aluminum profile. Due to the sufficient thickness and good material of the aluminum profile, the deformation is very small, which can effectively support the load of more than 200 kg

adopt European standard C-shaped notch

all hardware notches of imede doors and windows adopt European C-shaped hardware notch. Compared with U-shaped notch, C-shaped notch is more firmly connected and not easy to loosen

the group angle is tight and the strength of the corner code is high.

when the window sash is under pressure, the group angle is under the pressure of deformation. The popular explanation is that the window sash has a trend of changing from a rectangle to a parallelogram. If the deformation is excessive, the group angle will tear and the whole window sash will collapse

Imade door and window profiles have good bending resistance. At the same time, the angle assembly adopts an integrated high-strength angle code, and two corner pieces are added to effectively fix and support the profiles on both sides without deformation

being able to bear large loads is conducive to the safety and service life of window sashes, and witnesses the high-quality materials, high-quality structure and high-quality design of imede. Yimeide always adheres to the spirit of German craftsman, absorbs the latest door and window technology, pays attention to the humanized design concept, strives for perfection, and constantly creates high-performance and safe door and window products, so as to create a happy and beautiful home living environment for families across the country





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