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Pinnacle Juhui welcomes the double "Dan". In order to give back to new and old customers, apple noble wardrobe, combined with the New Year atmosphere, grandly launched the double Dan activity with the theme of "I'm your 'little apple', there are not too many discounts". New and old customers can rush to buy in major franchised stores across the country

pinnacle Juhui welcomes both "Dan" and "Dan". In order to give back to all new and old customers, apple noble wardrobe, the leading brand of China's health wardrobe, has already grandly launched a joint Christmas and new year's Day promotion program with the theme of "I'm your" little apple ", and there are not too many discounts. Welcome all new and old customers to rush to buy in major specialty stores across the country. Now please follow me to enjoy the new year's Day activities of several stores:

Shandong Qingdao store

Apple noble wardrobe Qingdao store has always been in the leading position in sales with its superior sales performance, always seize the opportunity of activity promotion, and cooperate with manufacturers to carry out preferential activities for different periods of time. In this new year's Day promotion, Qingdao store is no exception. The investment in the activity is unprecedented. Large investment means large return. I believe that in this new year's promotion, Qingdao store must be "full of pots and pans"

unique single page display, a big apple lives in a warm home, implying "Apple cabinet, happy home"

single page decoration is everywhere, with a strong holiday atmosphere

Jiangxi Nanchang store

this southern city has not been affected by the winter cold wave at all, and Nanchang citizens are enthusiastic about new year's Day promotional activities. The golden and green balloon decoration puts a little fresh color on the door of the Nanchang store of Apple noble wardrobe, which complements the festive red advertisement. It is full of charm and will attract a large number of people

Zhengzhou store in Henan

Apple noble wardrobe Zhengzhou store has been implementing the company's development line and contributing to actively building a leading brand of healthy wardrobe in China since the green cycling activity was held in November. In this new year's Day promotional activities, under the premise of the booming promotion, it is to find another way to play the banner of environmental protection. In a prominent position of the store, place a drawer of Apple noble wardrobe, and then put half of the water, raise a few goldfish and a few evergreen trees. Watching the little goldfish swimming happily and evergreen sprouting, consumers will certainly be relieved of our apple noble wardrobe products. Seeing is believing, and the fact is the most powerful proof! This not only tested the tightness of the technology of Apple noble wardrobe, but also conducted an environmental protection test on the products of Apple noble wardrobe! Xiaobian personally believes that this practice is worthy of vigorous imitation by other franchised stores

as of January 10, 2015, the "double day" promotion of Apple noble wardrobe has five days left. Welcome new and old customers to major specialty stores for consultation and purchase. Time is limited, come and rush

Apple cabinet, happy home





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