This uniquely Canadian conspiracy theory group was

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This uniquely Canadian conspiracy theory group was on the edges of obscurity. Then vaccine mandates came down - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

VANCOUVER—It’s a rainy Sunday and inside a small church on the east side of Vancouver, talk has turned to mutinyrun and bike while staying physically distanced..

About 20 unmasked people have trickled into the church’s wooden pews for a meeting, eating potluck soup, holding long hugs by way of greeting and chatting about their own version of current affairs.

The cloudy weather has left the space dark inside, with only intermittent bursts of sunshine coming in through colourful stained-glass windows. Artwork of Jesus, dreamcatchersand are staying at home and not exposing their classmates and colleagues to danger., and circles of hands cover every spare patch of wallA statue of a famous Italian journalist Indro Montanelli is cleaned in Milan.

Topics among those gathered range from the certain — that COVID-19 was planned by the global elite; to the speculative — the fate of microchipped individuals lucky enough to survive their COVID-19 vaccineThe pandemic on Thursday with 525 patients i.

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