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A key breakthrough has been made in the localization of static start-up frequency converter

on April 25, the static start-up frequency converter of the first domestic large-capacity pumped storage unit developed by the state electric power academy successfully completed all verification tests, and completed the high current verification test of the high-voltage converter valve group

the static starting frequency converter of pumped storage unit is the core control equipment of pumped storage power station, which is responsible for the motor starting task under the pumping condition of pumped storage unit. The device adopts AC-DC-AC current type thyristor frequency conversion starting mode to realize load commutation mode frequency conversion, and has the function of frequency conversion adjustment of large synchronous motor to improve the technical level of enterprise products and start-up. Due to the difficult production technology and high cost of these products, the static start frequency converter of large capacity pumped storage units in China has been dependent on imports for a long time. The localization research and development project of variable frequency starter for pumped storage units jointly undertaken by guoxinyuan company and Guodian Academy of Sciences has successfully developed 18 MW/13.8 kV high-power high-voltage static frequency converter, which has completely independent intellectual property rights and will be demonstrated and operated in Panjiakou energy storage power station in this year

it is reported that the State Electric Power Research Institute has overcome the key technical problems such as the starting control strategy of the static starting frequency converter, the calculation of the main circuit topology, the triggering and protection of the high-pressure valve string, and the whole process speed free rotor position sensor. After that, we have worked with the first-class supplier and Fraunhofer igcv1 to develop a prototype and conduct system joint commissioning. This factory test completed the functional verification of key technologies such as rotor initial position detection, rotor low-frequency position estimation, pulse commutation, synchronization regulation, synchronization of four quarantine pests, and system protection during the startup of static frequency converter of pumped storage unit. The test results fully meet the technical requirements for the startup of large-capacity pumped storage unit

the static start frequency converter with completely independent intellectual property rights of the state electric power academy has successfully completed all function verification tests, which shows that China has mastered the core key technology of the static start frequency converter of pumped storage units, and has the conditions and capabilities of independent production, which is an important process for the complete localization of this equipment. The price ranges from 0.08 to 0.13 yuan/Raven

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