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The key points and fault analysis of corrugated box printing with water-based ink (Part 2)

key points of use and common faults

water-based ink is mainly used for the printing of absorbent materials such as paper and paperboard, of which corrugated box printing accounts for the vast majority

1. key points for the use of water-based ink

(1) the color of the ink should be fully shaken before use. And confirm the color of the ink

(2) determine the machine viscosity of the ink according to the design status of the printing plate and the set printing speed

(3) when the ink viscosity is high, dilute it with water or special diluent, but the addition proportion of diluent must be controlled. If the viscosity is too low, it is best to adjust it with raw ink

(4) during the printing process, we should always pay attention to the change of viscosity with the strong support of the state, detect the viscosity and make records

(53. The indication error shows "front positive and rear negative" or "front negative and rear positive" on the dial, and individual points are out of tolerance) when more foam appears in the process of use, a small amount of defoamer can be added (the amount used is generally controlled within 0.2%), and shrinkage and other phenomena should be prevented

(6) at the end of printing, relevant mechanical equipment should be cleaned as soon as possible

(7) after the unused ink is put back into the barrel, it must be sealed and stored in a cool place. When reusing

, it is best to filter with more than 80 meshes before using

(8) do not mix, deploy and use inks from different manufacturers to avoid ink gel phenomenon and printing failure

2。 Common faults and solutions in printing

many faults in printing are often caused by inaccurate use of ink and misoperation of the machine. Common faults and solutions in the use of water-based ink are shown in Table 1. With the advantages of low pollution and low cost, water-based ink has been widely used in corrugated box flexographic printing. Moreover, with the development of water-based ink to low viscosity and high concentration, corrugated box printing has gradually realized the transformation from field printing to eye tone printing with various professional fixtures, which not only improves the color concentration and fidelity of printed patterns, but also improves the production and work efficiency of carton factories

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