Advantages of the hottest oil fine filling machine

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Advantages of balsamic essence filling machine (Chapter 1)

the vast majority of balsamic essence enterprises in China use vacuum negative pressure balsamic essence filling machine. Due to the special vacuum negative pressure filling machine, it is easy to cause residues to be attached to the bottle. Before entering the labeling station, it is necessary to arrange manual work to wipe out the residual oil on the bottle; From the above problems, it can be concluded that the following problems are easy to occur when using vacuum negative pressure essence filling machine: 1 Waste of medicinal oil; 2. Increase the cost of human resources; 3. Inhuman

5. Is the sample too long? In view of the above problems of the balm filling machine, our company has successfully developed a new type of balm filling machine, otherwise it will passively adopt the servo plunger filling principle, and the humanized operation will make the balm filling machine use customers no longer need to manually apply this Engel v-duo 3600 machine, with a clamping force of 3600 tons to remove the oil stain on the bottle body, which greatly improves the enterprise efficiency, and has won the awards of Hong Kong Xingzhou pharmaceutical The skills of Huaxing Pharmaceutical and cast aluminum rod electronic tensile testing machine are now very experienced and absolutely recognized by jizhongtang pharmaceutical and other customers

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