Key points and precautions for best printing quota

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The key to writing a good printing quotation and precautions

only send pictures, not price

many people listen to the words of some senior suppliers and like to reply and send a lot of pictures after purchasing inquiries to do the so-called fishing addiction. For this kind of practice, the buyer is the most annoying. The reason is very simple. The reason why I found this factory is because I am interested in the style and appearance of this product. I think it is acceptable, so I need to determine the price; Is it a waste of time to send so-called new products without any price information in the case of designated models? Although I don't know what other purchasers are doing every day, I have to send an email at least every day to deal with all kinds of things. Such back and forth will only make people here (I - importer - supermarket) impatient

the quotation has no pictures or the pictures are not clear

no samples, no pictures, who orders? Ask the buyer to go to his company's website to download or screenshot? First of all, they may not know how to operate, especially for flash screenshots (at least my colleagues never do such things); Secondly, as I said, everyone is very busy, and few people have patience to cut off the product number one by one. If the picture is not clear and a little disgusting, who will ask for samples? The absence of samples indicates that the enterprise has taken an important step on the road of transformation. There are few cases where the direct order z=2 (l0+b0)

there is only one picture. If it is a common small household appliance flooding the market, one picture may be enough. But what about other products? Tool combinations, tool combinations, and some large sporting goods including welding points. Just a picture is not enough. Don't worry about the size of the attachment. If the attachment is large, just send it in several emails

don't think I will bargain. Once I find that the price is higher than others, I will only quote the cheapest price

counter-offer will only appear in:

1) urgent inquiry

2) when you are about to place an order, don't deliberately offer low prices to attract customers. This kind of thing is particularly common in the exhibition, but you don't want your company to be regarded as a fraud company, do you

as mentioned above, there must be

unit price FOB USD quotation (we do this. If we do other terms, we will naturally inform; don't quote RMB)

materials are from plastic to metal, at least the main material should also be said, right? (don't say you don't know, just go to the factory and ask; don't casually say a stainless steel, a fool knows how many kinds of stainless steel materials there are.) incomplete information will only increase the round and irritability of exchanges

packaging includes small packages (color boxes, blisters, etc.), the number of cartons, the size of cartons, net weight, gross weight, etc

the number of cabinets can't be less, can it? Be careful of being overweight

sales history is not necessary, but if you have supplied walmat, why not write it

the English description and characteristics of the product are the key points in the key points. Without an extensometer or strain gauge to show the elongation of the standard tensile specimen, it is difficult to please the people in the supermarket with a good professional and detailed description (in fact, it is clear to think about it, the supplier is only selling goods, and others will lose their jobs if they buy it but can't sell it; so if the information is not detailed, who dares to buy it). Exc4) durability measurement el is specially recommended here as offer, because pictures and words are easy to place

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