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2009 Delta data center power supply and distribution solution press conference held in Beijing

in recent years, with the development of IT technology, equipment has become increasingly centralized, and data centers have higher and higher requirements for UPS. UPS has changed from the original backup power supply to a variety of complex standard settings to an intelligent and safe power guarantee system for loads. On October 15, Delta Electronics Group, a well-known power electronics giant in the industry, held a media conference with the theme of "intelligent construction, comprehensive guarantee" in Beijing, and grandly launched a new energy-efficient delta lift high intelligent fault-tolerant ups with repair function, intelligent redundancy and dynamic capacity expansion, as well as delta data center power supply and distribution solutions


as we all know, UPS, as an electronic device, no matter how high the reliability index is, failure is inevitable in the life cycle, so how to repair quickly without affecting the power supply is very critical. Delta lift UPS adopts a modular architecture design. During operation, each module distributes all loads equally. When one module fails, the other modules can share the load of the faulty module again, and the faulty module can be "hot" replaced without interrupting the system, and then put back into use. In the whole process of fault repair, the power supply of the system is completely uninterrupted, and the repair time is significantly shortened compared with the traditional UPS system, which truly realizes zero fault repair time

intelligent redundancy

the high fault tolerance of delta lift UPS is also reflected in its ability to realize intelligent redundancy. Due to its modular architecture design, a system is composed of multiple modules, and the power of a single module is small, so it can form an n+x system configuration scheme. When the system is running, the size stability of each module is good, and the load capacity is shared equally. If x is equal to 2, it is equivalent to allowing two modules to fail at the same time, and the system can continue to operate. Only when three modules fail at the same time, the system will be "out of protection", and the probability of three modules failing at the same time is very small. And when the actual configuration load capacity is small, the number of redundant x will increase, and the availability will also increase significantly

dynamic capacity expansion

delta lift UPS has strong fault tolerance, which is also reflected in dynamic capacity expansion. The capacity expansion of traditional UPS needs to be bypassed or shut down, otherwise the whole system may be paralyzed in case of errors. Therefore, when building the machine room, the deposited materials of each layer are often changed from the plane to the curved surface along the maximum stress line of the pressure cover, which wastes a lot of money and energy consumption. However, due to the redundancy of modules and systems, hot pluggable modules, and the "fool proof" design of pluggable modules, the shift UPS can fully realize dynamic capacity expansion. The single machine capacity can be expanded from 20KVA to 120kVA. It can be expanded to 480KVA at most, realizing the capacity configuration of the full power section from 20KVA to 480KVA. This function is very practical and can save users a lot of money and energy consumption

high efficiency and energy saving

in the era when all walks of life advocate energy conservation and emission reduction, the overall efficiency of UPS has become an important indicator for customers to choose UPS equipment. While delta lift UPS can maintain the overall efficiency of more than 94% when the load is reduced to 30%. The energy consumption and air conditioning electricity saved by delta lift UPS is a very considerable figure. For example, a UPS with a capacity of 100kW, if the efficiency of the whole machine is increased by 5%, the power consumption can be saved by 50000 kwh/year. According to the calculation of industrial power consumption of 1 yuan/kWh, the power cost can be saved by 50000 yuan/year. Not only that, lift UPS also adopts a number of patented technologies to improve the efficiency of the whole machine, such as the use of SP control from full digital double-D batch production to customer injection molding, which effectively reduces the number of components and reduces heat loss, thereby improving efficiency and reliability; 3. Lever rectifier can improve the efficiency and stability of the whole machine; And intelligent fan speed regulation function, fan stall alarm function, etc

in addition, delta lift UPS has many other advantages, such as small size, light weight, high power factor, low harmonic, etc., which can be called the leader of the same type of ups. From the recent launch of server cabinets, high intelligent and fault-tolerant ups and other new products, it is not difficult to see that delta not only provides products for users, but also provides safe and efficient power supply and distribution solutions for it equipment in data centers

it is understood that after the appearance of delta server cabinet and shift high intelligent fault-tolerant UPS in Beijing, Zhongda Diantong will also carry out a three-month large-scale exhibition tour in 20 cities in Northeast, North China, East China, South China, central China, southwest, northwest and other regions, grandly displaying the power supply and distribution solutions and new products of delta data center

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