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2010 Advantech sincerely invites you to share the innovative application of embedded platform

Advantech. In 2010, for example, when pulling steel strands, you need to use special steel strand stretching clamps. On March 1, Advantech sincerely invites you to participate in the seminar of Advantech application technology to be held in Changzhou (March 10) and Suzhou (March 11). The theme of this seminar is application innovation based on industrial computers. The presentation forms of product display and keynote speech are adopted on site. The purpose of this seminar is to share industry trend applications and case analysis with you. You will also have the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with on-site industry technical experts

as the pioneer and leader of IPC, Advantech has always been committed to the innovation and development of industrial computer products and services, and has accumulated rich application experience in industrial automation and other fields. In the seminar, Advantech will share with you successful innovative applications and solutions involving various industries. Such as rail transit, industrial automation, new energy, vehicle mounted, informatization, military industry and other industries

Advantech always adheres to the concept of a trusted partner of the industrial platform, and hopes to establish an industrial innovation application exchange platform through this forum, strengthen the dialogue with partners, and adopt new materials, dental implants with surface treatment technology or structural design, composite resin filling materials with high wear resistance and secondary caries prevention, non traumatic dental restoration materials (Art) Metal ceramic products with good biocompatibility and good clinical repair effect and the preparation technology of high-precision silicone rubber impression materials have an in-depth understanding of the specific applications of each product in the solution that the market is worried about, and tailor-made more safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for customers

the following hot spots will be presented one by one:

● development and application trends of embedded industrial computers and industrial control equipment

● latest market and service policies of Advantech

● sharing of vertical industry solutions and successful cases

● wonderful presentation of star products through speeches and on-site displays

the first session of 2010 Advantech application technology seminar will be launched in Changzhou in March. Please look forward to it

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3. Email: ng@ email indicates the registration of Advantech 2010asd activities,

at the same time, submit the sessions you want to participate in and contact information

about Advantech

since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has a place in the industrial computer field with its foresight and integrity. Advantech is also a premier member of the Intel embedded Communications Alliance. Through close cooperation with our solution partners, we can provide complete solutions for various industrial applications. Advantech's products and solutions cover three areas: embedded ePlatform organization, eServices Applied Computing Group and industrial automation group. With more than 3400 full-time employees, Advantech has formed an extensive technical support and marketing network between 18 countries and 39 major cities, so it can provide fast listing services for customers around the world. For more information, please check

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