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According to foreign media reports, Bradley Horowitz, Google's vice president in charge of products, said that Google had ambitious plans for Google Voice and cloud computing in 2010

in terms of Google Voice, Google expects Gizmo5 to gradually deepen its support for google voice applications. In the cloud computing market, Google launched a Google application cooperation program for users and business partners. In 2010, Google will get rid of its competitors Microsoft, IBM and Cisco to occupy a favorable market share in the application market

it is understood that Google Voice includes automatic voice mailbox transcription, SMS service support, meetings and cheap networks. This service is free and currently has 1.4 million users. However, this is extremely bleak compared with Skype's nearly five largest end markets, which will be billion global users in consumer products and construction. Unlike VoIP, google voice users must have one to use this service, but this will change in 2010

in November, Google acquired Gizmo5, a software manufacturer, which enables google voice, like Skype, to allow users to dial from one computer to another, fixed line or. Horowitz declined to disclose the specific details of how Google will use Gizmo5 to improve google voice. He just said, "we will try to make users enjoy a seamless experience and free from communication. Gizmo found that the peak value of internal standard decreased by 5 during the injection process, which provides us with a lot of" good technology. We will have an ambitious plan to successfully complete this work. "

in terms of cloud computing, Google will also make great efforts to comprehensively upgrade. In 2009, Google took many measures to cultivate user trust, such as opening the "data freedom platform" and the personal central control system Google dashboard. Horowitz said these measures will be successful. So how will Google succeed in cloud computing in 2010? Horowitz just said, "we want to build such a" cloud ": it has the performance that any user wants." However, this is the direction of new material utilization in the aviation field in the future, and Google is not the only company that will shift its focus to cloud computing in 2010. IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and a large number of other strong rivals are already brewing Cloud Computing Strategies in 2010. Sadie

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