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2011: vigorously cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries

in 2011, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology identified the entry point and breakthrough, strengthened organizational leadership and coordination, established and improved the working mechanism, and orderly promoted all work

organized the preparation of special plans in four key fields: high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new generation information technology, energy conservation and new energy vehicles. We formulated guidelines for the decomposition of elements of strategic emerging industries and industrial maps, established a database of key enterprises, and steadily promoted the docking of ministry and province projects. 18 provinces and cities have issued guidelines to promote the development of strategic emerging industries, 6 provinces and cities have formulated action plans and programs, and 9 provinces and cities have set up funds for the ideal material project of EPS board "Rongsheng" external insulation system

make good use of funds and means such as major science and technology projects and electronic development funds to support strategic emerging industries. We have implemented major industrial innovation, development and application demonstration projects such as intelligent manufacturing equipment, new display, cloud computing, etc. The pilot of new energy vehicle promotion is in full swing. Two 8.5 generation LCD production lines have been completed and put into operation. The first new materials industry expo and the 15th China Software Expo were organized and held

significant achievements have been made in the implementation of major scientific and technological projects. The nano integrated circuit manufacturing process has achieved mass production, the R & D and application promotion of domestic CPU basic software have been accelerated, the large-scale vertical five axis machining center has been developed successfully, the stretching space (mm):600~1000 system, the 6400 ton large-scale fast and efficient automatic stamping production line has been developed synchronously with the country, because the strain of elastic components is proportional to the size of external force P, and the C919 large aircraft has officially entered the detailed design stage, TD-LTE scale technology test is in full swing

we promoted the construction of enterprises' independent innovation capacity, identified the first batch of 55 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises, issued guidelines for the development of key generic technologies in the industry, and allocated 1.3 billion yuan to support 169 major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects

improve the standardization working mechanism and speed up the formulation and revision of standards urgently needed by the industry. The standardization work in key areas such as electric vehicle charging facilities and IOT was launched, and 2275 industry standards were issued throughout the year. Td-lte-a has become the international standard of 4G and DTMB has become the international standard of digital television. In addition, a working system to promote the development of producer services such as industrial design has basically taken shape

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