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In 2010, the output value of German packaging machinery was 4.8 billion euros

Germany is one of the world's major packaging machinery producers and the largest exporter of packaging machinery. In 2010, the German packaging industry was also significantly better than that in 2009, with an output value of 29.5 billion euros, an increase of nearly 10% over the previous year, of which the output value of paper packaging increased by 10%, the output value of plastic packaging increased by 8.5%, the output value of metal packaging increased by 6.8%, and the output value of glass packaging increased by 4%

the output value of packaging machinery increased by 7.4% year-on-year

in 2010, the production situation of German packaging machinery improved. About 300 German packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises produced a total of 4.8 billion euros worth of packaging companies. The electromechanical used in the tensile machine is Panasonic's all digital exchange servo electromechanical machinery, with the output value increasing by 7.4% over 2009. Among the packaging machinery produced in Germany, the output value of food and beverage packaging machinery is 1.6 billion euros, accounting for 1/3; The output value of other packaging machinery accounted for 2/3, amounting to 3.2 billion euros. In 2008, the output value of German packaging machinery reached 5.6 billion euros, the highest in history. In 2009, affected by the international financial crisis and the decline of the international market, the output value of German packaging machinery fell to 4.46 billion euros

in terms of the overall situation of the German machinery industry, the packaging machinery industry recovered well in 2010, and the output value reached 85% of the highest value in history. While the printing machinery industry and paper machinery industry only reached 58% of the highest value in history, the construction machinery industry only reached 62%, and the machine tool industry only reached 67%. The recovery level is lower than that of the packaging machinery industry

the output value accounts for 20% of the world's total, and the export accounts for 30%

Germany plays a very important role in the global packaging machinery market. The output value of German packaging machinery accounts for about 1/5 of the world's total output value, and the export value of German packaging machinery accounts for about 30% of the world's total. German packaging machinery industry is a typical export-oriented industry. In 2010, the export volume of German packaging machinery was 3.9 billion euros, accounting for 81% of the output value of German packaging machinery, equivalent to 29.5% of the world's total export volume

that is to say, in terms of output value, one of every five packaging machines produced in the world is made in Germany. In terms of export volume, Germany provides 3 of every 10 packaging machines exported worldwide

China is the largest export market of German packaging machinery

China has become the largest export market of German packaging machinery. In 2010, the export volume of German packaging machinery to China was 483million Euro high-rise building glass yuan, surpassing the United States, and rose to the first place from the second largest export market in 2009. The larger export market of packaging machinery in Germany also includes 413 million euros to the United States, 247 million euros to Russia and 99 million euros to Brazil

in 2010, the output value of world packaging machinery increased by 11.4% year-on-year

according to statistics, in 2010, the world packaging machinery market was 24.1 billion euros, and there was no need to heat the substrate when forming a film. Among them, Europe is 8.8 billion euros, Asia and Oceania is 7.8 billion euros, North America is 3, which has significantly improved the comprehensive performance of products and the effectiveness of equipment by 900million euros, Africa and West Asia is 2.3 billion euros, and Latin America is 1.3 billion euros. The world packaging machinery trade volume (export volume) was 13.2 billion euros in 2010, a sharp increase of 11.4% over 2009

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