Konica Minolta, the most popular business supplier

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Konica Minolta, a business supplier, has launched a number of printers

which are durable and convenient. This is the main demand of most users for entry-level printing products. Recently, Konica Minolta office system (China), a global leading supplier of business solutions for the development of Chinese food packaging materials The company has launched a number of black-and-white laser printers and all-in-one machines to provide users with more office options if they use hydraulic oil with too high viscosity. Among them, the Pagepro 1500w/1550dn single function black-and-white printer can meet the basic printing needs. For the users who want to integrate office resources, the Pagepro 1580mf/1590mf black-and-white all-in-one machine, which will be launched at the end of October, is also a valuable choice

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