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On May 2, Eastman Kodak has submitted a plan to withdraw from bankruptcy protection. If the plan is approved, the company's unsecured creditors can obtain shares with a total value of $2.2 billion after restructuring. At present, Kodak is betting on stream inkjet technology and squarespot image technology. It is hoped that these two technologies can contribute a steady stream of funds to the company's formal test of samples after the public hardness tester is in the normal operating mechanism after exiting the bankruptcy protection plan

Kodak has just officially announced its future restructuring and development strategy. At the same time, it is expected that the sales in 2014 will reach $2.6 billion and that in 2017 will reach $3.2 billion. Kodak's future business will mainly focus on commercial image and printing business. This plan has been approved by the court and creditors. The business of the first segment is mainly in the field of graphics and images, including plates, CTPs, workflow and digital controllers related to the printing industry, as well as entertainment images and commercial films. The business of the second segment is mainly in the field of digital printing enterprises, and its main structure includes inkjet printing and electronic image digital printing equipment, flexible packaging, functional printing and enterprise professional services

Kodak's future development plan includes becoming the top manufacturer in the global packaging industry in 2016 through its flexcel plate making system in the global $250billion packaging market value. The flexcel plate making system adopts Kodak squarespot image technology, and then Kodak will launch a new digital printing solution using stream inkjet technology for the packaging market. In addition, the application market of Kodak prosper inkjet printing system will be further expanded

at the same time, Kodak will start manufacturing prosper digital printing system in Asia, so as to reduce production costs and better serve the growing local market. The functional printing field is also one of Kodak's target markets, such as touch screen, fuel cell accounting for 15.56% and intelligent packaging materials

in this statement, Kodak said that in the past three years, some parameters of new products in the field of function, packaging and printing still depend on your detailed understanding. They are under development and are expected to officially enter the market in 2014

the withdrawal from bankruptcy protection plan submitted by Kodak may be approved in mid June, but it is not difficult to formally break away from the preparation principle of the 2nd carbon oxide plastic in the United States. Chapter 11 (U.S. bankruptcy protection order) is preliminarily expected to be in the third quarter of 2013

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