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Knowledge of power analysis recorder

power analysis recorder is only an instrument that can be used to measure power quality, power, harmonic and flicker and can display real-time oscilloscope and digital meter on the computer. The three-phase power test and analysis recorder can perform various power analysis, including voltage, active power, reactive power, active power, reactive power, etc. Its high capacity (up to 64 channels at the same time) and long-time self-contained power supply to do a good job of cleaning inside and outside the mixer and recording the clearing work around the mixer (more than one month) enable it to make a very accurate analysis of the power consumption. Simply rotating the selection basin can set various main functions, A wide LCD display screen (which can instantly display voltage, current waveform and harmonic histogram when the part surface is obviously white) and display intuitive information on the screen. Function: voltage, real-time display and record voltage value and relevant harmonics. Current, real-time display and record the current value and relevant harmonics. Power, real-time display and record the current value and relevant harmonics, active power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor cos Φ。 Electric work, real-time display and record the active power and reactive power until the sample is damaged. Records. Various analysis records can be stored in the memory of the instrument (up to 42 sets of records). Basic settings of system and instrument: single-phase/three-phase, language and maximum display value of current. Function description power measurement: active power 0 ~ 999.9w ± (1.0% + 2D) 0.1W active power 1 ~ 999.9mw 0.1MW reactive power 0 ~ 99.9var ± (1.0% + 2D) 0.1var 0 ~ 99.9var 0.1kvar 0.1 ~ 99.9mvar 0.1mvar apparent power 0 ~ 99.9va ± (1.0% +2d) 0.1va 1 ~ 99.9kva 0.1kva 1 ~ 99/9mva 0.1mva active power 0 ~ 99.9wh ± (1.0% + 2D) 0.1wh 1 ~ 99.9kwh 0.1kwh 1 ~ 99.9mwh 0.1mwh reactive power 0 ~ 99.9varh 0.1varh ± (1.0% + 2D) 1~99.9kVARh 0.1kVARh 1~99.9MVARh 0.1MVARh Cos φ Measurement: cos φ Accuracy resolution 0.20 ± (1.0% + 2D) 0.01 harmonic measurement: range accuracy maximum resolution DC ~ 5 times 5%+2d 0.1V/0.1A 26 times ~ 3 times 10%+2d 34 times ~ 0 times 15%+2d power demand voltage six 1.5V -lr6-aa-am3-mn 1500 batteries battery life about 10 hours physical characteristics length 225mm width 165mm height 70mm weight about 1000g standard accessories three 1000a/1 V clamp heads (ht98) - four wire voltage measurement wire (cavoenergy) - 12VDC power adapter (a0020) -Four crocodile tongs (coc4-uk) - handbag (borsa2098) - software and serial line (energylink) - instrument manual - Software Manual - warranty certificate - ISO9000 calibration certificate optional accessories - a/1v tongs (ht97u) - a/1v tongs (hp30c2) - 3000a/1v tongs (hp20c3) Certificate CE other safety standards: safety standards for measuring instruments: en insulation index: Level 1 pollution level: Level 2 overvoltage classification: cat III 350V voltage measurement maximum sea level: 2000m three-phase power test analysis recorder purpose: mainly used to test and analyze the quality of power supply. It can accurately evaluate the electrical energy consumption of the machinery as the basis for drawing up the best contract terms with the power supply department. Its high accuracy (according to en61036 standard level II) enables it to compare and detect whether the electric energy meets the quality specified by the power department. It can also analyze the components of voltage and current harmonics and help solve various problems related to these harmonics, such as sudden tripping of leakage circuit breaker, overheating of motor or actuator, overheating of neutral conductor, etc

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