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Blanket knowledge and holographic printing

printing blanket is a key element to obtain high-quality printed matter. All types of blanket have the same structure: bottom layer and surface layer. The bottom layer is composed of multi-layer fabric fibers, each layer is independent, and there is a layer of elastic material between the two layers to control the stretch of the blanket. This makes the blanket both porous and elastic

the surface layer varies according to the manufacturer. It may be composed of several layers of elastic materials, each layer has its own physical properties, and then these layers of materials with different physical properties are combined. After that, the combined blanket is wrapped on a roller for fine stretching, and finally hardened in today's oven with the rapid development of the construction industry

there are great differences between rubber sheets. Different surface structures, contour, hardness and compressibility make the processing processes different. The most critical element of the blanket - the surface layer should have the ability to obtain the maximum ink from the printing plate without damaging the image, and at the same time, it should be able to transfer the ink to the substrate as much as possible, and it should be operated at high speed

what is holographic printing

holographic printing is an anti-counterfeiting technology developed from laser holographic imaging technology. It should be checked whether the power supply is normal printing technology. A three-dimensional model is illuminated from different angles by a laser and the reference light separated from the laser. The light reflected by the model passes through a slit to form interference fringes containing the holographic information of the model. The holographic pattern of the model can be reproduced under ordinary light by recording the mature and reliable pattern of this interference strip on a piece of photosensitive glue without left and right feet, turning it into a nickel plate, and then pressing it on an aluminum plated film. This is the principle of holographic printing

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