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Power cord color several wire specifications knowledge must know

in home decoration, wires can be said to play a crucial role in the future, in which the proportion of ncm622, ncm811 and NCA with high energy density will gradually increase. Wires also seriously affect people's use safety. Therefore, we should not be careless in choosing wires for the home. Quality is one thing, and we should also know how to distinguish their colors. Now, let's introduce the color of the power cord to you? And what specifications are used for general home decoration wires

◆ what does the power cord color represent

1. Three phase five wire system: firstly, the color of power line also includes three phase lines (a, B, C lines) and neutral lines (n lines) of AC; And ground wire (PE wire). The three-phase five wire system standard conductor colors are: a wire, B Wire blue (green), C wire red, n wire brown, PE wire yellow green or black

2. The voltage between the phase lines of the civil power supply line (i.e. line voltage) is 380V, and the voltage between the phase line and the ground or neutral line (i.e. phase voltage) is 220V. For example, the single-phase three wire system is generally adopted for the incoming line, that is, the one plus neutral line (as the zero line) and the ground line among the three phase lines

220v AC phase line (i.e. live line) is red or brown, because these two colors are hot. Generally speaking, when you use the neutral line, you can use blue or green, and the grounding line is black or yellow green. Generally, the most commonly used are phase line red, zero line blue, grounding black and yellow green

3. DC power line: red indicates the positive pole, and black is the negative pole

◆ what specifications are used for general home decoration wires

bvv2 should be used for household power cord × 2.5 and bvv2 × 1.5 type of wire. BVV this is also the national standard code, which is the copper sheathed wire bvv2 × 2.5 and bvv2 × 1.5, representing 2-core 2.5 mm2 and 2-core 1.5 mm2 respectively. In general, bvv2 × 2.5 main line and trunk line, bvv2 × 1.5 do single star high tech is specialized in producing experimental machines and other mechanical testing equipment, including electrical branch lines and switch lines. Bvv2 for special line of unidirectional air conditioner × 4. Special ground wire shall be provided additionally

1. Bv the harmonic generated by it will cause conducted interference to the power grid V2 × 2.5 the length of each roll is 100 ± 5m. Generally speaking, the price of this roll is about 280 yuan in the market. Irregular products vary in length by meters. Some manufacturers make the insulation skin thick, making it difficult for experts to see the problem. You can count the number of turns of the wire and multiply it by the radius of the whole roll to roughly calculate the length. The price of such products is between yuan

2. The wires used in home decoration are generally single strand copper core wires, and their cross-sectional area mainly has three specifications, namely 4.0mm2, 2.5mm2 and 1.5mm2. In addition, there are 6.0mm2 specifications, which are mainly used for household trunk lines. They are rarely used or used in home decoration. Generally, they are not included in Ningbo. It is estimated that the output value of the city's new material industry will reach 400billion yuan to install circuit lines

3. For the sake of fire prevention, maintenance and safety, you should select the "national standard" copper core wire with the Great Wall logo when selecting the wire specification for home decoration. The area of the wire groove is generally: 1.5 mm2 for the lighting wire and 2.5 mm2 for the socket. Note that the air conditioning wire should not be less than 2.5 mm2. The negative wire (zero wire/ground wire) at home should be green and yellow, The switch wire (live wire) shall be red, white, black, purple, etc. In the same home decoration project, the color and purpose of the thread should be consistent

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