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With its natural, pollution-free and other characteristics, solid wood flooring makes many consumers have a special preference for it, but solid wood flooring is a relatively high-end ground decoration material, which is somewhat delicate compared with other similar materials, and needs careful care and maintenance

solid wood flooring has attracted many consumers because of its natural and pollution-free characteristics. However, solid wood flooring is a relatively high-end floor decoration material, which is somewhat delicate compared with other similar materials, and needs careful care and maintenance

Xinglin solid wood floor

after the laying of solid wood floor, it can be used after curing for at least 24 hours, otherwise it will affect the use effect of solid wood floor, and it is not suitable to wipe it with wet cloth or water to avoid losing luster

I. maintenance measures:

1. The humidity in the room should not be too high, keep the floor dry and bright, and wipe it with a wrung cotton mop for daily cleaning. In case of stubborn stains, wipe them with neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe them with a wrung cotton mop. Do not use organic solvents such as acid, alkaline solution or gasoline

2. During daily use, pay attention to avoid scratching the floor with hard objects such as heavy metal sharps, glass tiles and shoe nails; Do not expose the floor to open flames or place high-power electric heaters directly on the floor; It is forbidden to place strong acidic and alkaline substances on the floor

3. In order to maintain the beauty of the solid wood floor and extend the service life of the paint, it is recommended to wax and maintain it twice a year. Wipe the floor clean before waxing, and then apply a layer of floor wax evenly on the surface. After it is slightly dry, wipe it with a soft cloth until it is smooth and bright

4. If a large area of water immersion occurs accidentally or the bureau is soaked in water for a long time, if there is open water retention, it should be sucked dry with a dry cloth in time and let it dry naturally. It is strictly prohibited to use electric heating drying or exposure to the sun

5. Exposure to strong sunlight for a long time or the sharp rise and fall of temperature in the room may cause premature drying and aging of solid wood floor paint, which should be avoided as far as possible

6. The place after installation must be occupied within 15 days. If you do not live for a long time, you must maintain the circulation of indoor air to prevent the floor from drying and aging in advance. Do not cover it with plastic paper or newspaper, so as to prevent the surface paint film from sticking and losing luster for a long time

7. Regularly clean the floor and dust collection to prevent sand or abrasive dust from accumulating and scraping the floor surface. Insoles can be placed outside the door to avoid bringing sand or abrasive dust indoors. When cleaning the floor at ordinary times, it can be wiped with a wrung cotton mop. Do not wipe the floor with wet mop or corrosive liquid (such as soapy water and gasoline)

8. If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, you can close the doors and windows to keep the indoor humidity low. If the outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, you can open the doors and windows to reduce the indoor humidity. In humid and muggy weather, you can turn on the air conditioner or electric fan

9. In order to increase indoor air humidity in autumn and winter festivals, humidifier can be used to keep indoor air humidity at 50%— 70%。

10. When moving furniture, it should not be pushed or pulled directly on the floor, but should be lifted, moved and placed gently. A layer of rubber can be glued to the bottom of furniture that is often moved

II. Maintenance Tips:

the cleaning method of special stains is: oil stains, paint and oil black can be wiped with special degreasing oil; If it is fruit juice, red wine, beer and other residues, you can wipe it with a wet rag or a rag dipped in an appropriate amount of floor cleaner; Do not use strong acid-base liquid to clean the wooden floor

take care of it carefully and use it for a lifetime




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