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Yishi lacquerless wood door is made of high-quality raw materials. It is non-toxic, safe, atmospheric, and has both quality and safety. It protects your health

home is the only place in the world that hides human shortcomings and failures

it also contains sweet love

-- Bernard Shaw

for people in modern cities, the pursuit of quality life,

is not only the pursuit of beauty, style, taste,

but also the pursuit of health, ecology, environmental protection and other keywords as the ultimate goal

with its unique understanding of the door and many years of production concept, Yishi has novel design, unique production, simplicity and not simple, adopts lacquerless technology, pays attention to environmental protection, and pays more attention to your health

the lacquerless door of Yishi wood industry has log texture and a variety of color changes, which is more modern, personalized and green

Yishi is good at grasping the color law. Each color used complements each other and echoes each other. It matches logs with high-grade ash, which is more simple and fashionable. The segmentation on the line strip is just right. The lacquerless door made of high-quality raw materials is non-toxic, safe, atmospheric, and both quality and safety

natural wood grain is a gift from nature, which also shows the determination of Yishi wood industry to respect nature, and can better reflect identity, personality and taste. Yishi wood is formed at one time, and the construction cycle is short. It can be enjoyed after handover and acceptance, so as to avoid the terrible consequences of harmful gases on human body in the process of use

health is our promise

Company, and it is the result we want

only to become the quality oriented creation you love,

the shaping of details, the design of styles, and the implementation of the concept of

health, so as to strive to give you the best

interpret extraordinary taste, highlight light luxury and elegance,

play a gorgeous movement of light luxury and fashion style

as the "Guardian" of the home, Yishi lacquered wooden door brings us not only a healthy home environment, but also a life concept of "returning to nature, simplicity is true"

Yishi lacquerless wood doors always adhere to the principle of environmental protection first in terms of product raw materials, and always use raw materials that meet national standards. From material selection to production and processing, to packaging, every work is carried out in strict accordance with national high standards, so as to ensure to provide consumers with environmentally friendly and safe products

from the beginning to the present, regardless of the passage of time or the changes of the times, Yishi still insists on being a door with good quality, and gains the trust and support of consumers with persistence




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