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Parents want to give their children the best. Parents don't dare to be careless in the decoration of children's room, but many parents don't know what to pay attention to in the decoration of children's room. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network tells you the essentials of children's room decoration

first, environmental factors should be fully considered. In the determination and establishment of children's room, attention should be paid to the lighting, ventilation and orientation of the room, as well as various factors of the surrounding environment of the room. If adverse conditions are found, appropriate adjustments should be made. For example, children's rooms should not be located around machines, electrical appliances, high-voltage lines, etc. the noise and electromagnetic radiation of machines are easy to cause cerebral neurasthenia and suffer from various diseases. For the children's room with poor lighting or ventilation and unable to change the layout, it is necessary to coordinate and solve some deficiencies in the design and decoration, such as adjusting the indoor light by adding lights and reasonably arranging mirrors

second, the decoration of children's room should be designed according to children's age, gender, hobbies and many other characteristics. For example, for younger children, we should start from the perspective of safety, guide children's interests and hobbies, and improve children's perception through the living environment. Children should be fully involved in the design of living rooms to meet their specific aesthetic and needs It is necessary to pay strict attention to environmental protection and health when living in children's room. Because children's immunity and adaptability to special emergencies are much weaker than adults, we should pay special attention to some details in environmental protection and health. For example, in the design of children's rooms, we should strictly grasp the use of home decoration materials, not only to meet the requirements of qualification, but also to use higher-grade and quality decorative materials and famous brands when conditions permit

third, be concise and practical. Finally, the decoration of the children's room should be concise and practical. Don't stack some design shapes too much or apply many "eye-catching" colors to the space of the children's room. For example, the walls of the children's room should not be pasted with too fancy wallpaper or pictures to prevent children from getting upset and irritable. Children's paintings can be pasted pertinently to guide children's aesthetic and mental development




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