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The most favorite part of this case is the layout of the bedroom. The sun shines through the thin curtains from the two large French windows at the head of the bed, and the whole space is particularly bright. The light white in the warm log color gives the room a little literary flavor

it's quite luxurious for an apartment to have its own small garden. Since you have it, you have to make good use of it. Twoorthree comfortable chairs, a big brazier, and oneortwo candles on the corner let everything return to the embrace of nature

the space of the apartment is relatively large, and there will be floor to ceiling windows in many cases, and this set is no exception. There is only one floor to ceiling window in the living room, but it brings the same amount of light and sunshine. The sofa, tea table and storage rack are arranged orderly on the hemp carpet, with a strong sense of spatial integrity

compared with the hall, the afternoon rest place is arranged more casually. Different styles of furniture are interlaced among them. Two glass doors and one glass window make the space full of a strong taste of sunshine

a floating window is designed in one corner of the hall. If you are tired, you can lie in such a small corner, look at the scenery outside the window, and relax. Overhead kerosene lamp style chandeliers bring memories of ancient times, and two black chairs are full of modern flavor





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